Managing and protecting a brand in the age of social media

Jayne Durden, CPA Global, here looks into the growing influence of social media and how you should be managing and protecting your brand in this new digital age.

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The curious case of unauthorized use in Uganda

Frederick Mpanga and Hilari K. Asasira, Bowmans Uganda, considers unauthorized use of trademarks in relation to Ugandan law, specifically looking into a selection of litigation cases as examples.

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Mexico’s industrial property developments

Daniel Legaspi J, Santamarina y Steta, explores the legal aspects that have developed Mexico’s industrial property business in the past year, specifically within the trademark industry.

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Update: “The IP Code” in Turkey

Turkey abolished the current IP related decree-laws, and the Industrial Property Code No. 6769 (“the IP Code”) entered into force on January 10, 2017. Ugur Aktekin and Güldeniz Dogan Alkan, Gün + Partners, Istanbul, review the Turkish law update.

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Jumping on the trademark bandwagon

Since the influx of applications to trademark the name ‘Ivanka’ in China, questions have arisen as to the laws surrounding this in different jurisdictions. Thus, Vicky Stilwell, KISCH IP, considers the idea of trademarking a name in South Africa.

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Valuable cargo on stormy waters

Cary A. Levitt, J.D., Dennemeyer & Associates, discusses how intellectual property service providers worldwide have become the target of private equity investors and what this means for the industry and its customers.

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An overview of the Dominican trademark system in the last 20 years

Daniela Collado explores trademark law progress in the Dominican Republic since the 2000s, specifically considering the Dominican Republic-Central America FTA

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Marking your territory: Choosing a trademark in China

China IPR SME Helpdesk considers the New Balance trademark infringement case in China as an example of why it is so important for brands to register their trademarks in China.

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Most Read News #2: Gucci win $9 million against counterfeiters

Gucci has won a $9 million decision in it's largest counterfeiting case at the U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida this week. Gucci America Inc. sued nearly 100 sites (most of which are Chinese) that were using the Gucci trademarked name, advertisements,...

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