Daniel Legaspi J, Santamarina y Steta, explores the legal aspects that have developed Mexico’s industrial property business in the past year, specifically within the trademark industry.

Mexico has become an important global business partner for different sectors; right now, due to its megadiversity, everyone is trying to take advantage of its market. For example, due to the dollar appreciation, foreign companies have decided to invest more money in the country or considered moving their factories to Mexico. However, at the same time, the nationalism derived from abroad policies has grown and Mexican companies and entrepreneurs or startups are opening businesses daily, thus, the quest for Intellectual and Industrial Property rights protection has increased; consequently, the number of trademarks or slogans filings
has augmented. This has forced the authorities, specifically the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), to create, prepare, and evolve better technological or legal instruments in order to be more efficient. Furthermore, this has allowed the market to continue its growth and enable registrants to offer their goods or to render their services validly through the territory.

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