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Protecting IP and confidential information

James Martin, Partner at DMH Stallard and one of the UK’s foremost legal experts in the field of IP, has set out below 10 key considerations for how business owners should protect their intellectual property and particularly their commercially sensitive confidential...

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Faraday Future facing trademark lawsuit

You've probably heard of Faraday Future, and if you have you've probably heard about all the bad news it received throughout 2016 including domain name problems and endless financial woes. The bad news continues after legal action has been taken over their company...

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Dell EMC lose trademark case

After a year-long battle between Nexsan Technologies Inc. and Dell EMC, a federal judge in Boston has ruled that Dell EMC do not have priority for the name Unity, which both companies are currently using for new hardware technologies. Both the companies are data...

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Finger ‘Lakin’ Good Controversy

Canandaigua Lake has found itself in a spot of trouble this week with Kentucky Fried Chicken after the fast-food giant discovered they were using a very similar name for their potential brewpub - Finger Lakin' Good. Brian Mastrosimone bought 70 acres of land along...

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Dior files a section of cases against counterfeiters

In a strongly-worded lawsuit against online counterfeit sellers, Dior has filed an official trademark infringement complaint.  An array of “interrelated” websites peddling counterfeit Dior bags, apparel, and jewelry are at the heart oof the case, with Dior alleging...

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Apple vs. Swatch

According to the latest lawsuit filed by Apple, Swatch have copied their '1990s "Think Different" ad campaign on its latest watch model. By using the words 'Tick Different", Apple believe the Swiss watchmaker to be capitalizing on their successful marketing campaign....

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SuperMac’s at war with McDonald’s

In an alleged case of Trademark bullying, SuperMac is not backing down against the fast-food giant McDonald's and has vowed to fight to the death. Supermac's has this week taken the fight to McDonald's by asking the EU regulator to cancel the use of the "Big Mac" and...

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Gucci win $9 million against counterfeiters

Gucci has won a $9 million decision in it's largest counterfeiting case at the U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida this week. Gucci America Inc. sued nearly 100 sites (most of which are Chinese) that were using the Gucci trademarked name, advertisements,...

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