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OSU trademark settlement

A settlement has been reached in an ongoing trademark litigation battle between Oklahoma State and Ohio State over the rights to OSU. Earlier this year, Oklahoma State first objected Ohio State’s attempt to trademark “OSU” and requested to discard a prior agreement...

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Yoko Ono isn’t happy with new John Lemon drink

A polish beverage company created a new drink recently and decided to name it 'John Lemon', arguably after the Beatle's star John Lennon. However, this week they have agreed to change the name of the new product after Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, threatened legal action...

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WeWork vs. UrWork

It's a tricky situation when two companies have similar names. It's a trickier situation when two companies in the same industry have similar names; this is the situation WeWork and UrWork have found themselves in this week. WeWork is valued at $20 billion and has...

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Kodi in an ironic trademark infringement lawsuit

Kodi, a free and open-source media player software application that lets you stream anything on any device, has been the forefront of many table topics at IP conferences around the world this year. The problem being the copyright to the films and TV shows they are...

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Lidl and Kroger case dropped

Earlier this year, the Kroger Co. filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Lidl, almost immediately after it entered the U.S. market. Kroger claimed in its suit that Lidl’s Preferred Selection private brand and logo copied its own Private Selection line. This...

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