According to the Russian Civil Code (Part IV), legal protection is provided to the means of individualization, which are equal in their legal status to the results of intellectual activity and are considered among intellectual property objects.
Among such means can be particularly highlighted those that perform their function of individualization, pointing to the geographical origin of goods such as appellation of origin of goods (AOG), which is protected in Russia as an object of intellectual property, and geographical indication (GI), which is not currently protected as IP under Russian law. Statistics show that the AOGs are not very popular among manufacturers in Russia as means of legal protection, while the consumers are interested in the use by manufacturers of AOGs, as they can be sure that the designated products have special properties due to geographical origin.
Currently, in Russia, only 168 AOGs are registered, of which 137 are in the name of Russian producers and 31 in the name of foreign manufacturers. The above fact is explained by certain difficulties that arise by obtaining registration and the right to use the AOGs for both Russian and foreign applicants.

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