The Act of 30th June 2000 – Industrial Property Law (OJ 2013.1410 dated 29 November 2013, as amended) (further ‘IPL’) was amended lately to make the Polish design law more attractive for the applicants. Poland is a member of the European Union and, in general, Polish design law is harmonized with EU law. This article refers only to Polish regulations and tries to bring it closer to the potential right holders.
1. Design and design rights
1.1 The right to registration (hereinafter the ‘design right’) is granted for an industrial design (hereinafter a ‘design’). A design is a new and individual form of a product, or a part of a product, representing the features of the outline, shape, colors, structure, or ornaments of the product (the list is open). The form of the product shall be understood as its appearance.

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