According to the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s (EUIPO’s) Guidelines for Examination in the Office, Part B, Examination, Section 4, Chapter 4, regarding “Descriptive trademarks article 7(1)(c) EUTM, it is “in the public interest that signs that may serve to designate the geographical origin of goods or services remain available, not least because they may be an indication of the quality and other characteristics of the categories of goods concerned, and may also, in various ways, influence consumer preferences by, for instance, associating the goods or services with a place that may elicit a favorable response”. However, names of cities around the world are working well as trademarks for the cities and related regions/ countries. When you hear or see a certain city name, you will directly connect that name to specific goods and services, such as cheese, entertainment, beautiful views, skiing, sailing, chocolate, diamonds, etc. Local city authorities in the USA have a tradition to catch those identifying visions, create distinctive city slogans, and register them as trademarks. Some examples are:
• US Reg No 3848214 “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS” (Owner: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority)

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