On July 2nd 2018, Milan IP court ruled on the case Diesel-OTB vs Zara (RG n 22303/2016). The well-known jeans manufacturer Diesel sued Zara for design infringement, acting through its holding company OTB (“Only The Brave”) and thus joining its sister company Marni in the lawsuit. Indeed, Marni as well claimed an infringement of its non-registered Community Design of a sandal, named “Fussbett”; Diesel, on the other hand, claimed infringement of its Registered Community Design for a model of ladies’ jeans, named “Skinzee-sp”. Before filing this lawsuit, Diesel requested, and was granted, a judicial description of the infringing items. The case is interesting, because Milan IP court issued its judgement, granting the first-ever EU-wide injunction against a design counterfeiter.

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