The UK government has released its long-awaited white paper mapping its Brexit plans.

Despite the UK having ratified the UPC, Brexit has put the UK’s future membership into question – the white paper appears to show that the government intends for the UK to remain within the UPC.

Kate O’Rourke, CITMA Immediate Past-President and Chair of CITMA’s Brexit committee said: “It is reassuring to see the government is seeking a bilateral agreement on civil judicial cooperation and to implement provisions on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications. However, business deserve certainty that UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys will continue to be able to represent them at the EU Intellectual Property Office after Brexit.

“It is also vital for business that there is legal certainty on the future of EU trade marks and registered community designs in the UK. We were encouraged that the Draft Withdrawal Agreement signalled the UK Government’s intention to grant all European Union registered trade mark and design right holders an equivalent UK right after the end of the transition period and will be looking for reassurance from the government that this policy will be implemented, with or without an agreement with the EU.”

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