Cafe and art gallery MoMaCha must change its name, logo and website after a hearing which had the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) saying it infringed on its trademark. This preliminary injunction ordered the cafe to stop “using, displaying or promoting MOMA or MOMACHA marks and the domain name.

The shop opened in April with a logo similar to the museum’s – in terms of the font style, coloring, and capitalization – and MoMA filed suit the same month. The ruling stated without this preliminary injunction against MOMACHA, the MoMA would suffer irreparable and unquantifiable harm to its reputation and that MoMA sufficiently demonstrated fair reasons for this litigation.

MoMaCha changed it in late April to an all-capital logo in a different font, which read “MOMACHA. But according to court documents, the logo persisted on some social media accounts and products. A lawyer for the cafe said that the litigation was ongoing and that he was weighing options – which could include an appeal.

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