Claridge’s Hotel of Mayfair has won its trademark case against Claridge Candles after successfully arguing that the independent candle manufacturer had been trading off the hotel’s name and reputation.

The hotel had argued that the candle and oil diffuser company had designed the letter “C” in its logo in a way that was intended to associate itself with the famous hotel. Claridge’s successfully argued that it was “inconceivable that such a similar logo would have been adopted without prior knowledge”.

Judge Douglas Campbell of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) found in the hotel’s favor, stating that Claridge Candles had infringed the hotel’s trademarks. It rejected the company’s defense that it was not trading in the hotel business, stating that the company had knowingly traded on Claridge’s “reputation for luxury, glamour, elegance, and exclusivity”.

The owner of Claridge Candles, Denise Shepherd, told the court that she has been left with 28,000 candle labels that she is now unable to use.

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