Clarivate Analytics today announced the acquisition of Australian AI-technology company TrademarkVision – a company composed of over 30 professionals. It joins Boston-based company CompuMark, the trademark clearance and protection partner for 9 out of 10 of the world’s most valuable brands.

Forty percent of trademarks filed contain images. However, trademark professionals rely on building complex queries with keywords and image codes to research image-based trademarks on their own. TrademarkVision revolutionized the trademark research space when it released the world’s first visual search for trademarks in 2013.

TrademarkVision’s AI-powered image recognition software applies the principles of facial recognition software to visually search artwork, images and even 3D design patents, to determine whether a proposed trademark logo is acceptable or if it infringes on an existing trademark. CompuMark currently applies TrademarkVision technology within TM go365™, a tool designed to enable trademark professionals to instantly research trademarks and more effectively manage day-to-day portfolios.

Jeff Roy, President, CompuMark, said: “CompuMark is making significant investments in its product portfolio and the business as a whole by investing in best-of-breed image recognition technology and expertise in artificial intelligence. TrademarkVision’s award-winning AI innovation and deep relationships with Patent and Trademark Offices (PTO) and government agencies around the world, combined with CompuMark’s premier data, industry-leading expertise and global reach will open opportunities for new products and solutions both within and outside the trademark research industry that will underpin the business’s next generation of solutions.”

TrademarkVision’s CEO and founder Sandra Mau will remain with the company, along with COO Cameron Mitchell and their team of professionals based in Brisbane, Australia, and Pittsburgh, USA. She explained, “As part of CompuMark, TrademarkVision will be able to leverage CompuMark’s expertise in the trademark industry and vast global distribution channels to ensure our next generation of solutions reach trademark professionals around the world.”

The addition of TrademarkVision technology to CompuMark follows the announcement earlier this year that CompuMark entered a strategic partnership with Chinese trademark solution provider, White Rabbit / Bai Tu. Clarivate Analytics continues to invest in new technologies and solutions that support innovation and improved products for its global customers. This is Clarivate’s third acquisition in 18 months, following the acquisition of technology start-ups Kopernio and Publons. TrademarkVision was advised in the transaction by Innovation Advisors, a technology-focused, global investment bank.

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