Clothing company Freedom United is suing Rihanna, Puma and Fenty co. for supposed deliberate infringement of their trademark “FU”. The pop-star and her associates are accused of engaging in trademark infringement and unfair competition among other things, as Fenty Puma have produced garments featured the letters “F.U.” since 2015. The suit claims Freedom United has dedicated substantial effort in excess of $2 million in developing, manufacturing, promoting their “FU” products throughout the U.S. since 2006, and the company claims their clothing products are recognized because of that brand – Rihanna herself even wore a ’FU’ branded hoodie in 2014.

The company states Rihanna, Fenty Corp., and Puma willfully adopted the confusingly similar trademark with full knowledge of their existing product in the hopes of consumers mistaking the brands or affiliation between the two. Freedom United set forth claims of trademark infringement, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, and violations of the New York state business code. They are seeking injunctive relief that would immediately and permanently prevent the selling of any products bearing the “FU” mark, and monetary damages, including any profits made from selling the allegedly infringing wares.

Puma is also currently in a lawsuit that it filed against Forever 21where they accused the highstreet fashion brand of design patent, trade dress, and copyright infringement in connection with multiple footwear designs from its collection with Rihanna.

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