Netherlands-based company PrevDent was taken to the US District Court by Colgate-Palmolive yesterday over alleged trademark infringement. Colgate accused PrevDent International and its US affiliate of infringing Colgate trademark ‘PreviDent’ – something the company has used since 1982 for oral care products.

The suit claimed US company Colgate has products bearing the ‘PreviDent’ trademark in the US which have generated hundreds of millions of dollars over the past four decades – being one of the best-selling medical dental brands in the US market. Colgate also alleged that PrevDent is stating their product treats many of the same dental problems that Colgate’s PreviDent products treat, like tooth sensitivity and enamel decay.

Colgate is requesting damages, an injunction stopping PrevDent from using the ‘Prevdent’ trademark, and the destruction of infringing goods and domain names.

Colgate sued Michigan-based Ranir earlier this year to stop it selling toothbrushes featuring the trademark ‘Smile 360’, but dismissed the suit in March.

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