A Dutch court has banned Conor McGregor from selling merchandise including shorts, sweaters, and hoodies with his name attached. The MMA superstar has been warned that if he is to continue selling the products, he could face fines up to £250,000.

Adidas and its subsidiary Reebok were told by the court to stop sales of some of McGregor’s lucrative garments in Europe for infringing EU trademark regulations.

In the EU, Netherlands-based McGregor fashion label – synonymous with high end “clubby” design in Holland and surrounding countries for many years – allege they own the trademark and sought a court injunction against Adidas to force Reebok to withdraw the offending garments. Lawyer’s for the fashion label suggested consumers could be confused into thinking the garments for the MMA star were linked with their own label.

McGregor’s lawyer Remco van Leeuwen explained “the public would be confused into believing that the clothing made by Reebok for the Irish mixed martial artist and boxer comes from the McGregor fashion house. We asked Reebok to stop selling the clothing that would confuse the public but they refused”.

In its written judgment on Friday, the court found in favor of Dutch McGregor, ruling the signature name in big letters of the Irishman on the hoodie, shorts, and jersey were a contravention of trademark regulations because of a close similarity to that of the plaintiff company.

The court ordered Adidas to stop using the signature McGregor on the champ’s hoodie, shorts, and jersey because of its similarity to the Dutch McGregor trademark within seven days and to withdraw all this merchandise from sales outlets Europe-wide within seven days. Refusal to accept the verdict would result in the defendants paying McGregor of the Netherlands compensation of €1,000 a day, up to a maximum of €250,000, judges ruled.

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