Wireless earphone company Bragi is suing OnePlus in the European Union for alleged infringement on its ‘Dash’ trademark. The German company claims OnePlus is creating brand confusion with the ‘Dash Charge’ feature found on its smartphones, claiming it sounds similar to its own ‘Dash Charger’ that ships with its wireless earbuds.

Bragi also filed another lawsuit against the Chinese firm in the US.
The company notes that both the US Patent and Trademark Office and the EU’s Intellectual Property Office rejected OnePlus’ bid to register a Dash Charge trademark.

OnePlus has been avoiding use of the term ‘Dash Charge’ in its promo material since being denied a trademark in the EU back in March. OnePlus is allegedly planning to change the feature’s name to ‘Warp Charge’, with the company having filled a trademark for the name ‘Warp Charge’ to the EU Intellectual Property Office in July.

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