With all the public battles that Facebook has been confronted with recently, it’s no surprise that Which? managed to, very easily, work its way through the company’s ad monitoring process. What is shocking is how long the advert managed to stay active and unnoticed – and how much it could have potentially cost users.

It was only back in January this year that Facebook has vowed to take a tougher line on scam adverts. The company donated £3 million to scam prevention measures, in return for MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis dropping his lawsuit against the social media giant. It also reportedly added a “report suspicious ads” button and a “dedicated internal team” because of the lawsuit to help investigate and take down fake adverts.

But the company already had a ‘report ad’ button as well as a team of around 30,000 people working 24/7 to monitor fake ads. So, what changed? Absolutely nothing, and neither will it as long as Facebook is allowed to roam freely without serious threat of litigation.

Whether it’s misuse of private data or tackling counterfeit goods, the sheer scale of the task of cleaning up its platform seems to be too much for Facebook right now. Investing £3 million and employing 30,000 people means nothing unless they are given new, intelligent tools to catch fraudulent activity before it becomes a problem.

Penned by Tosshan Ramgolam of Incopro

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