Canandaigua Lake has found itself in a spot of trouble this week with Kentucky Fried Chicken after the fast-food giant discovered they were using a very similar name for their potential brewpub – Finger Lakin’ Good.

Brian Mastrosimone bought 70 acres of land along Canandaigua Lake two years ago, and he’s planning to put a little bit of everything on it. “It’s basically going to be a touch of the Finger Lakes,” said Mastrosimone. “Anything you can think of, we’ll have there.”

Although fried chicken isn’t on the menu, KFC has sent Mastrosimone a cease and desist letter and has threatened to sue. The company claims the name violates its longstanding trademark of “Finger Lickin’ Good.” KFC filed legal documents claiming the name could cause consumers to make a connection between the two and potentially harm its brand.

Mastrosimone said his trademark for the name was approved, and only then did KFC come after his business. “I don’t feel like I’m infringing on their brand. That’s where the frustration comes from,” said Mastrosimone. “It’s just corporate bullying … I don’t have the money to fight them.”

In the meantime, Mastrosimone is selling t-shirts and raising money to help his legal battle. He said his lawyers have told him to consider a name change, not because he’s violating the trademark, but because he simply doesn’t have the money to challenge a corporation like KFC.

“This is something I’m doing is to help promote Upstate New York, and to have this corporate monster come after me for such a bizarre reason is a hurdle I didn’t expect,” said Mastrosimone.