KOB 2018: The owner of a not-for-profit company is in a legal dispute with the clothing store Forever 21 over a shirt.

According to Madison Steiner, owner and operator of Peach’s Neet Feet, Forever 21 is using her trademarked logo “Hustle Kindness” on graphic T-shirts without her permission.

Steiner launched the nonprofit a few years back in an effort to help children facing health issues. In 2016, Steiner and her mother came up with a clothing line titled “Hustle Kindness” in an effort to help generate funds to run the nonprofit.

Nonprofit says Forever 21 used trademark without permission
“It’s more than just words on a T-shirt,” Steiner said. “It is something that daily is our passion the fire under our feet keeping us going and allowing us to create kinder cultures and build a kinder community.”

Last Friday, Steiner was notified by a friend shopping online that Forever 21 had a graphic T with “Hustle Kindness” written on it despite never being asked by the company for use of “Hustle Kindness.”

“We reached out to Forever 21 and did not hear back, so we posted on social media letting our fans and community of people know that this shirt is not ours, that Forever 21 did not seek consent to use the words or nor did they offer to give any of the profits or proceeds from that shirt to us at the time,” Steiner said.

At this time, Steiner and her lawyers are working to talk with Forever 21 and resolve the issue.