Hard rock band Guns N’ Roses have agreed to settle a trademark infringement lawsuit brought against brewery Oskar Blues, which had been selling a beer called “Guns ‘N’ Rosé”.

The federal lawsuit was filed in May 2019. The brewery had earlier sought to trademark the name of their beer but abandoned its attempt in 2018 when Guns N’ Roses objected. Nonetheless, Oskar Blue continued to sell “Guns ‘N’ Rosé” as well as merchandise, such as T-Shirts and glasses, featuring their beer’s logo.

Oskar Blues, which is one of a number of breweries owned by the Canarchy group, had argued that their product did not infringe on the band’s trademarks, as Guns N’ Roses did not “… own a trademark registration for Guns N’ Roses for beer or any alcohol beverages” and had made “ [no] use of the mark Guns N’ Roses in connection with alcohol beverages”.

Nonetheless, the parties have now agreed that the lawsuit should be settled without going before the courts. The terms of the settlement are currently being hammered out and will remain confidential.

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