A trademark dispute that began in late 2017 has been resolved between Hasbro and DC Comics. Judge Lorna Schofield, of the Southern District of New York, ordered the case dismissed on Wednesday upon receiving a settlement notice from DC’s attorneys

The original lawsuit came from Hasbro believing the DC superhero Bumbleblee (a teenage girl with the ability to shrink) was too similar to their own Bumblebee product (the yellow Autobot), which was a transformers spinoff released in December 2017. Hasbro sought to block sales of the doll and receive some compensation for the consumer confusion. 

The DC Comics character actually predates the Hasbro character, having been introduced in the “Teen Titans” comic series in 1977, whereas Hasbro introduced its Bumblebee in 1983, and obtained a trademark on the Bumblebee name in 2015.

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