Sportswear giant Nike has been forced to suspend a significant advertising campaign, unveiled earlier this year at a Major League Baseball game and said to have cost some $16 million, after a federal court in North Carolina found that the campaign’s slogan “Sport changes everything” was likely to be confused with the existing trademarks “Running changes everything” and “Sports change everything”, which are registered and used by running apparel manufacturer and retailer Fleet Feet Inc.

Fleet Feet was granted a preliminary injunction by the Court after it argued that Nike cannot have been unaware of Fleet Feet’s marks because Nike sold its shoes in Fleet Feet’s 200 stores.

Under the terms of the injunction, Nike must stop “the release of new advertising materials” and delete the “Sport changes everything” slogan from its “websites and social media pages, its brick-and-mortar locations, and billboards, banners, or similar large advertisements”.

Nike has already lodged an appeal.

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