Having announced that its rescheduled Annual Meeting will now take place as a virtual event due to be held on 16-20 November, the International Trademark Association (INTA) has outlined how this event will look, and what it will offer attendees.

Despite the inevitable shift in presentation caused by the current global pandemic, INTA nonetheless promises “many of the same features and rich content that registrants at in-person Annual Meetings have come to expect” for this virtual event, albeit in a “new and innovative format”.

For the first time, the event will combine the 2020 Annual Meeting and 2020 Leadership Meeting. It will, says INTA, be hosted via a “secure and engaging platform”, whereby virtual attendees will be able to engage with “live, simulated-live, and on-demand educational sessions”.

According to INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo, “While the path here has come with a heavy heart, we believe this forward-looking approach is the safest option right now and keeps registrants’ best interests in mind. Moreover, we’re excited about bringing our community together again, and pioneering a new type of event that opens up exciting opportunities for innovation and flexibility now and in the future.

“These are extraordinary times, and we hope you will join us at the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting for an extraordinary experience.”

For this event, INTA has reduced its standard registration fees. Details can be found on its website (see below).

Encouraging members to attend, INTA President Ayala Deutsch said, “It is more important than ever to find other ways to strengthen our ties with each other. The virtual Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting provides an opportunity for members to come together from all corners of the globe, and to foster the sense of community that is unique to INTA. Attending the Meeting is an essential way for members to show support for INTA’s work and ensure that the Association is able to continue that work, through the current crisis and beyond.”

INTA website

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