Iron Maiden’s holding company have launched a $2 million trademark suit against the makers of video game Ion Maiden. The lawsuit, filed at the Central District of California court on 28th May, accuses creators 3D Realms Entertainment of using an “incredibly blatant” imitation of the Iron Maiden trademark.

Seeking $2 million for damages, the suit claims that the game’s title causes confusion among customers through its near-identical appearance to the Iron Maiden trademark, as well as similar phonetical sound. It also argues that the game’s main character Shelley Harrison refers to the band’s sole constant member Steve Harris and that her motif parallels Iron Maiden’s mascot, Eddie. It additionally brought into account similarities to Iron Maiden’s own video game Legacy of the Beast. Iron Maiden Holdings Limited provided examples of things fans have written online presuming Ion Maiden was linked to the band

The company is also requesting 3D Realms stop using the products and relinquish their ownership of in addition to the damages.

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