Beyonce’s ongoing efforts to trademark the name of her daughter Blue Ivy have met with raised eyebrows after the singer claimed, in response to an objection by a small business, that her 7-year-old is a “cultural icon”.

Wendy Morales, who established the “Blue Ivy” wedding planning company ten years ago, objected to Beyonce’s application on the basis that the trademark was already in use.

Beyonce, who has been seeking since 2016 to trademark her eldest daughter’s full name “Blue Ivy Carter” for branding purposes, contends, in documents submitted to the courts, that: “Blue Ivy Carter is a cultural icon who has been described as a ‘mini style star’ and has been celebrated for her ‘fashion moments’ over the years. Her life and activities are followed extensively by the media and the public … Given these factors, Blue Ivy Carter is capable of and interested in becoming the face of a brand”.

The popular singer has also claimed that Ms. Morales attempted to exploit her daughter’s name by holding sales on her birthday, and even tried to sell her wedding planning company to Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, for millions of dollars – claims Ms. Morales denies.

Beyonce’s lawyers have now petitioned the US Patent and Trademark Office to reject Ms. Morales’ objection, claiming it to be “frivolous”.

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