A lawsuit has been filed in a Federal Court in California this week, Jessica Alba’s ‘Honest Company’ are suing ‘Honest Herbal Line” for trademark infringement. The lawsuit states that Honest Herbal Line has set out to “confuse consumers and profit from the goodwill and consumer recognition associated with The Honest Co.’s HONEST Marks.”

Honest Company, set up by Jessica Alba in 2011, sells “safe, effective, beautifully designed, affordable, and responsibly made” personal care products and describes itself as a “leading lifestyle brand that has enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, a tremendous amount of success”. Honest Herbal, on the other hand, sell similar products that include “lotions, creams, supplements, and apparel items, such as scarves” and produces “full spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp products that are available nationwide.”

According to the claim, the Honest Company sent a letter in September claiming the mark could cause confusion and called for the cease and desist of the mark – but Honest Herbal never responded, hence the official filing of the lawsuit.  However, Honest Herbal’s lawyer, Aaron Bradford, told journalists that, contrary to the lawsuit’s suggestion, Honest Herbal did respond to Honest Company’s inquiry, and the two sides were scheduled to speak this week, but the lawsuit was filed anyway. He also said that Honest Herbal’s hemp line consists of pain-relief products, which Honest Herbal does not deal in.

“We intend to defend against The Honest Company’s” lawsuit, Bradford said.

Alba’s company are hoping for a jury trial, in which they will demand the seizure and destruction of all infringing goods and unspecified damage compensation payments. The Company owns more than 50 trademarks for the family of Honest marks – after originally filing for more than 100 – which include all-purpose cleaners, swaddling blankets, hat, and cosmetics.