Kilburn & Strode LLP, the European patent and trademark attorney firm, have today announced their launch of their brand new offices in London and San Francisco. The offices come as part of the firm’s steady growth over the past five years.

The firm’s UK turnover has increased 33% over the last five years and headcount has grown 63% to 180, now comprising 22 Partners and 67 other attorneys. Previously based solely in London, the firm’s Munich office opened in June 2016, just a few days after the UK’s ‘Brexit’ vote; the new London office opened on 11 September 2017, and will be followed by the San Francisco liaison office on 11 October 2017.

Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of patents and trademark applications being filed around the world. Last year, more patent applications were filed than at any time in history, with 2.5 million patent applications filed on new technology in the world’s five largest patent offices, almost double that of just 10 years ago. 2016 might have been a turbulent and uncertain year politically, but companies and individuals were confident enough to invest more in developing new technology and in protecting that creativity than ever before. Against even this strong sector growth, Kilburn & Strode has outperformed.

Managing Partner Richard Howson said: “As one of Europe’s leading firms of patent and trademark attorneys, opening a Munich office last year was a logical next step in our plans for expansion. The Munich office allows us to support our people and clients who are very often in town for hearings at the European Patent Office. It also helps our growth plans by giving us access to a wider talent pool from which to recruit.”

Chairman Gwilym Roberts said: “We are very excited about the opportunities arising from our new liaison office in San Francisco. Our work is often at the bleeding edge of technology. By placing our European attorneys on the ground in the Bay Area, this allows us to work in partnership with our clients, close to their innovation centers and with direct access to some of the highest grade technical specialists in the world.

Application of intellectual property law varies hugely between jurisdictions and is changing all the time.  Our expansion enables us to increase our global reach – bringing us closer to our clients and thereby offering a better client experience. All the while continuing to work in the same innovative, collaborative way..”

The new London office sees Kilburn & Strode moving into 20,139 sq ft on the fifth floor of the recently developed Lacon London, expanding significantly into a flexible, open plan working space.

Richard Howson, the Managing Partner, said: “Our clients are brilliant, creative people. For them, it’s all about what’s new, what’s next, what’s better. We’ve brought some of that thinking to our new space, but added our own personality. Gone are the lawyers in glass boxes, the senior people in corner offices, the smart-yet-dull office aesthetic. Instead, we worked over the last year with top architects, workplace designers, acoustic engineers and furniture consultants to create and deliver something a bit different and quite special. It’s a welcoming, innovative and productive space – somewhere our clients and colleagues will enjoy meeting, working and spending time. It’s early days, but we love it.”

The firm also announces the promotion of patent attorney Kathryn Eldridge to Partner. Kathryn joined the firm in 2008 and is a leading expert in the fields of polymers, industrial chemistry, and pharmaceuticals. 

Kilburn & Strode is also putting in place a brand new CSR initiative, which will see a percentage of the firm’s annual profits put into a CSR fund, the sole purpose of which is dedicated to increasing diversity and access to the legal profession. This comes following the success of Kilburn & Strode’s IP Foundry, a free-to-access resource aimed at start-ups looking to protect their intellectual property.