Arguably the most famous reality TV star in the world, Kim Kardashian is certainly not exempt from the law when it comes to trademarking her business empire. The latest lawsuit related to the star comes after the launch of her perfume line.

Legal documents show that a mobile marketing company, Vibes Media, has claimed Kim K used their logo as her own. Vibes Media were involved in the packaging of the perfume bottles.

The documents state that Kims fragrances have been “marketing, promoting and now selling a vibes perfume”. The marketing company registered their logo in 2012. The logo resembles a blue speech bubble with the word “Vibes” written in white lowercase. The Kimoji perfumer series logo resembles a black speech bubble with ‘Vibes’ written in a white uppercase font with a slight rainbow penumbra.

Vibes Media’s lawsuit is focused on the Kimoji perfume, seeking unspecified damages and an injunction in order to let her sell the fragrance line.

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