Legal papers have been filed in the New York Federal Court by fashion brand Barbour, stating that Levi’s ‘trademark bully’ reputation is valid after filing for than 300 lawsuits since 1989. The statement comes in response to threats be Levi’s over Barbour’s use of its ‘Barbour flag’ tab, which Barbour claims to have used for 20 years.

Lee Curtis, partner and chartered trademark attorney at law firm HGF, said: “It seems that Barbour may have called Levi’s bluff and launched this action in an attempt to bring matters to a head and their actions are an attempt to draw a line under the matter and take the initiative.

“It will be interesting how this matter plays out, as Levi are very protective of the tabs which bear their name on clothing. However, the fact that Barbour claims to have used their tab for over 20 years without apparent issue should go in their favor.”

More on this as it unfolds.

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