The owner of a Florida beauty salon has attracted the unwelcome attention of Uber after releasing her own appointment-booking app, “BeauBer”.

The name of Carolina Vengoechea’s app is a portmanteau of the two services she offers at her salon, namely “beautician” and “barber”. However, when she applied to have the name of her new app trademarked, the market-dominating ride service has told Ms Vengoechea that she must change the name of her app as it constitutes an attempt to trade off the “Uber” name. Uber has already lodged a notice of opposition at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to that effect.

Uber has form in this regard, having filed many trademark oppositions in the past few years, successfully targeting numerous companies with the term “uber” in their name.

Having refused to settle, Ms Vengoechea is likely, and expects to be, drawn into an expensive legal battle with the litigious Uber.

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