Monster Energy Drinks are known in the industry for targetting smaller companies with similar names to stop them from proceeding with business. Usually, they do this successfully but this week the UK IPO has ruled in favor of Monsta Pizza, a Wendover-based restaurant.

The battle started in June 2017 after Monsta applied for the TM and ended in a tribunal hearing in London. The final decision from the UK Intellectual Property Office was that Monster Energy Drinks had failed in their attempt to prevent using the name Monsta Pizza. All possible grounds were objected after the trial. Monster Energy has been ordered to pay £2,100 towards Monsta’s legal costs.

Monsta Pizza was named after the monster-shaped oven, “a character we designed to appeal to families and to tell our story”, says Chris Dominey from Monsta Pizza.

Monster Energy reached out, despite there being no similarity in product or spellings.  Monster Energy is currently listed as the ‘No. 1 trademark bully’on

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