A few weeks ago, INTA President and Executive VP and Deputy General Counsel of NBA Properties Ayala Deutsch kindly agreed to speak to The Trademark Lawyer about her career in IP, her time at the National Basketball Association, and her many objectives for 2020. Like so many of us, little did she know that enormous challenges lay ahead for both the IP industry and the world as a whole.

In a wide-ranging interview, Ayala spoke about her plans for a Presidential Task Force for creating all-star IP practitioners who would enjoy an expanded knowledge base, encompassing “substantive areas of law, to finance, to marketing, to what HR professionals would call ‘soft skills’ – communication, project management, and leadership,” adding that “As a brand lawyer it was really helpful to better understand the marketing and finance aspects of what we did, and so the Presidential task force is meant to bring that to all INTA members”.

Diversity is also a key focus for Ayala, and we discussed “getting feedback from our members about challenges they’re facing, and what this organization can do to empower individual women members to help support and elevate them … I’m also excited that we’re beginning some programs to advance the leadership of women in IP. That’s a big passion of mine”.

Ayala was keen to speak about the challenges posed by China’s historically ambivalent approach towards IP and the initiatives INTA is working on to improve matters (“We are firing on all pistons, as we have for a while!”), and we also talked about her childhood motivations for going into law, and the novel that inspired her at an early age.

The full interview can be found in The Trademark Lawyer Magazine Issue 2 – available next week in hard copy and via https://trademarklawyermagazine.com/.

The INTA Annual Conference, meanwhile, is currently due to be held in November 2020 in the US.

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