Vegan butchers sharpen knives after USPTO decision

Vegan butchers sharpen knives after USPTO decision

The USPTO has caused consternation and anger after it approved Nestlé’s trademark application for “The Vegan Butcher”, having previously rejected a pair of vegan chefs’ application for the strikingly similar “vegan butcher” on the basis that the term was “merely...

Black Friday sees spike in counterfeits

Black Friday sees spike in counterfeits

Having started life as a US-centric pre-Christmas Sales phenomenon, the day after Thanksgiving, now universally known as “Black Friday”, traditionally sees retailers offering heavily promoted discounts on everything from televisions and mobile phones to luxury fashion...

Beyond Meat registers new UK trademark

Beyond Meat registers new UK trademark

Beyond Meat, the LA-based meat substitute manufacturer, has registered the trademark “Beyond Mince” with the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Having previously launched its animal-free “Beyond Burger” and “Beyond Sausage” in the UK, the US company, which began...

INTA elects 2020 President

INTA elects 2020 President

The International Trademark Association (INTA) has elected Ayala Deutsch as the 2020 President of the Association and the Chair of its Board of Directors. Ms. Deutsch, currently Executive Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at NBA Properties in New York, begins... books trip to The Supreme Court books trip to The Supreme Court

The long-running trademark dispute over the name of market-leading room booking site has finally made its way to the US Supreme Court, after the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) successfully petitioned the Court to hear arguments over whether it...

T-Mobile claims exclusive right to use the color magenta

An online insurance company founded in 2015 and based in New York has been told by T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom that it must desist from using the color magenta in any of its advertising and marketing activities in the German market. Deutsche Telekom’s...

Kanye West cannot hold “SUNDAY SERVICE” trademark

Hip Hop icon and born-again Christian Kanye West has failed in his attempt to trademark the words “SUNDAY SERVICE” for a range of merchandise. The controversial musician has been touring the US with a series of Christian-themed “Sunday Service” shows, sharing the...

Rubik’s Cube puzzled by trademark loss

The European General Court has upheld a European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) decision to cancel a trademark held by the Rubik’s Cube. The famous puzzle was invented in 1974 by Hungarian inventor Ernő Rubik and has sold around 400 million units...

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USPTO green card backlash

In August, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) introduced a controversial new requirement, whereby trademark applications made by foreign applicants resident in the United States would only be able to apply to register once they first proved their status as...

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Nintendo steps up trademark and copyright war

Japanese videogame giant Nintendo has launched proceedings against website RomUniverse, an online source of unauthorized videogame ROMs, including for many popular Nintendo games. ROM files are essentially illegal copies of games, which can be played on modified game...

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Ohio State University fails to trademark “The”

Ohio State University baffled many when it recently attempted to trademark the word “The”, insisting that the full name of the institution, founded in 1870, is “The Ohio State University” and, as such, it was entitled to trademark the word “The” in order to license...

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Ariana Grande seeks $10 million for Forever 21 infringement

Pop superstar Ariana Grande has commenced proceedings against American fashion retailer Forever 21, alleging trademark infringement as well as a violation of her privacy, and copyright infringement. Grande’s lawsuit alleges that when she declined to feature in a...

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The Obamas seek Higher Ground

Former US President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama have been accused of “deplorable behavior” after they applied to cancel the trademark of an e-book publisher. In April, the Obamas had their application to trademark their own company name, Higher Ground...

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Litigious Uber goes after “BeauBer”

The owner of a Florida beauty salon has attracted the unwelcome attention of Uber after releasing her own appointment-booking app, “BeauBer”. The name of Carolina Vengoechea’s app is a portmanteau of the two services she offers at her salon, namely “beautician” and...

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Singapore introduces trademark applications “on the go”

Singapore has become the first country in the world to enable applicants to file for a trademark registration via an app on their smartphone. “IPOS Go” was built and released by IPOS – the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. According to IPOS, the new app...

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Who’s the Boss? Welsh Brewery finds out … to its cost

Welsh Brewer Boss Brewing applied last year to register two of its beers, “Boss Black” and “Boss Boss”, a process that usually costs in the region of £300. However, clothing giant Hugo Boss objected, insisting that the small Welsh firm “cease and desist” selling the...

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Guns N’ Rosé trademark action to be settled

Hard rock band Guns N’ Roses have agreed to settle a trademark infringement lawsuit brought against brewery Oskar Blues, which had been selling a beer called “Guns ‘N’ Rosé”. The federal lawsuit was filed in May 2019. The brewery had earlier sought to trademark the...

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Gatorade still “The Sports Fuel Company” after ruling

The Court of Appeals in the US has reaffirmed the right of The Gatorade Company to use the slogan “Gatorade The Sports Fuel Company” in the latest installment of a long-running dispute. SportFuel, a Chicago-based lifestyle and nutrition consultancy which owns a number...

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McDonald’s loses exclusive use of “Mc”

American fast food giant McDonald’s has suffered a fresh blow to its “Mc” trademark, losing its exclusive claim to the use of the prefix on a number of its products and services. Irish company Supermac’s, which operates over one hundred food outlets in the Republic of...

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Claridge’s wins trademark action against candle company

Claridge’s Hotel of Mayfair has won its trademark case against Claridge Candles after successfully arguing that the independent candle manufacturer had been trading off the hotel's name and reputation. The hotel had argued that the candle and oil diffuser company had...

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Red Bull loses “blue and silver” trademark appeal

Red Bull’s latest appeal against the European Central Court’s decision to invalidate its “blue and silver” trademarks has ended in failure. The soft drinks giant registered two trademarks, the first in 2005 and the second in 2011, covering the use of the colors blue...

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Litigants cannot choose their opponent’s Lawyers

In a rather rare application, Scottish glass producer Glencairn sought to prevent the Leeds team at IP law specialist Virtuoso Legal from acting for Glencairn’s opponent, Canadian-based Product Specialities Inc.  The basis for the case was that the Virtuoso Legal...

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Over 2 Million AI-Powered Trademark Searches Completed

Trademark professionals have completed over 2 million AI-powered trademark searches in 7 years through TrademarkNow’s platform. The amount of searches is growing rapidly every month, as evidenced by an increasing number of companies implementing intellectual property...

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Facebook tech fails to detect fake Which? advert

With all the public battles that Facebook has been confronted with recently, it’s no surprise that Which? managed to, very easily, work its way through the company’s ad monitoring process. What is shocking is how long the advert managed to stay active and unnoticed –...

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JetBlue files infringement lawsuit against Walmart

JetBlue Airways has filed an infringement suit against Walmart for the name Jetblack. According to court filings, JetBlue claimed that Walmart tried to capitalize on the goodwill associated with the airline’s trademark name. JetBlue state that Walmart's mark causes...

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Brandstock wins groundbreaking verdict for Mondelez “MILKA”

Elena Galletti of Brandstock reviews their latest win for Mondelez.

What happens to seized counterfeit goods?

Aprajita Nigam and Mahima Madan of LexOrbis look at procedures in India for dealing with seized goods.

Opposition procedure in Poland – pros and cons

Aleksandra Kryśka of Patpol examines how trademark opposition procedures operate in Poland.

How trademarks may collide with other IP subject matters

Alina Grechikhina of Gorodissky & Partners highlights the interplay between trademarks and other IP matters in Russia.

Designs – the forgotten IP weapon

Rosie Burbidge, partner at Gunnercooke, looks at the way designs are, and should be, considered within an IP framework.

Venezuelan fees to protect brands owned by foreign IP holders must be paid only in cash

Ricardo A. Antequera, Managing Partner of Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez, looks at the payment of fees to protect brands in Venezuela.

The present situation and prospects for GUI protection in China

John XIA of Corner Stone & Partners discusses the development of Graphical User Interface (GUI) patents.

Safer trademark and branding creation for creative clients

Rachel Pasher Eijkenaar, Adv., Freelance IP lawyer and member of the Israeli BAR, discusses the issues facing creative clients when creating new brands.

Counterfeit goods and waste management

Ashutosh Upadhyaya, Associate, Anand and Anand, talks about the environmental implications surrounding the disposal of counterfeit goods by authorities in India.

The Trademark Law Revised - 2019 Amendments

Liang Hui, with contributions from Chris Fung, of Lifang & Partners, takes an in-depth look at upcoming amendments to Chinese trademark law.

Use of a trademark and proof of use – some thoughts in the light of recent EUIPO and General Court decisions

Klaudia Błach-Morysińska of ZM Legal, Poland, discusses the issues connected with proof of use under Polish and EU law. 

A claim for the prohibition on the use of a trademark in a domain name as a method of the violated rights defense

Roman Larshin of Zuykov and partners, Russia, discusses the defense of trademarks in domain names under Russian law.

Examining the amendments to Mexican Trademark Law which became effective from 10 August 2018

Antonio Belaunzarán and Alonso Camargo of OLIVARES discuss the most important recent amendments to trademark laws in Mexico.

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