Beatles win $77 million merch ruling

Beatles win $77 million merch ruling

The corporation founded by The Beatles to manage their financial and legal affairs, Apple Corps, has been awarded $77 million in damages by US District Court Judge Beth Bloom over the sale of unlicensed merchandise using the band’s name and imagery. The figure of $77...

Did Netflix make the wrong choices with Bandersnatch?

Did Netflix make the wrong choices with Bandersnatch?

Streaming giant Netflix has failed in its bid to dismiss a $25 million infringement action brought against it by Chooseco LLC, current publisher of the perennially popular Choose Your Own Adventure books. Chooseco alleges that its trademarks were infringed by the...

Cyprus gets its halloumi back

Cyprus gets its halloumi back

When Cyprus lost its ownership of the trademark “halloumi” in the UK in 2018, Cypriot farmers and cheesemakers, who take their exclusive right to manufacture and market their world-famous cheese very seriously indeed, were rightly up in arms. The loss flowed from a...

Post-Brexit, Stilton still won’t come from Stilton

Post-Brexit, Stilton still won’t come from Stilton

The fact that Stilton cheese, world-famous for its distinctive blue veins and pungent aroma, cannot be legally manufactured in the village of Stilton that lends the cheese its name, continues to cause something of a stink in the small Cambridgeshire village. Thought...

Ferrari takes “full-blooded” action against charity

Ferrari takes “full-blooded” action against charity

Ferrari is taking legal action against a charity in Italy because it wants to use the charity’s name for its new SUV. The luxury car manufacturer and the Purosangue Foundation, which states its objectives as “[t]he promotion for the public benefit of participation in...

“Amazon Pharmacy” trademark filed globally

Amazon has applied to the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to register the trademark “Amazon Pharmacy”, in a move that has, unsurprisingly, been taken as a strong indication that Amazon intends to enter the UK’s pharmaceutical space. This follows recent and...

US lawyer trademarks “Sussex Royal”

Having trademarked their new charity, “Sussex Royal” in the UK, and following a turbulent week for the couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, face an additional and perhaps entirely foreseeable IP road-bump, with news that a US lawyer...

Trademark infringement rising year-on-year says CompuMark report

According to a troubling new report, 85% of brands experienced trademark infringement in the past year, showing a steady upward trend from 81% in 2018 and 74% in 2017. This is according to the latest research from CompuMark, a Clarivate Analytics company and industry...

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Beyond Meat registers new UK trademark

Beyond Meat, the LA-based meat substitute manufacturer, has registered the trademark “Beyond Mince” with the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Having previously launched its animal-free “Beyond Burger” and “Beyond Sausage” in the UK, the US company, which began...

read more books trip to The Supreme Court

The long-running trademark dispute over the name of market-leading room booking site has finally made its way to the US Supreme Court, after the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) successfully petitioned the Court to hear arguments over whether it...

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USPTO asks public to comment on AI-generated IP

In a sure sign that the controversial issue of AI-created patents seems set to run and run, the US Patent and Trademark Office has amended an entry in the Federal Registry, giving notice that, having decided in August 2019 to gather “information about the impact of...

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Bentley Clothing defeats Bentley Motors

Manchester-based Bentley Clothing has won its action against Bentley Motors, whom the former accused of trademark infringement after the luxury car manufacturer developed a range of clothing bearing the “BENTLEY” name. The ruling comes after a long dispute between the...

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T-Mobile claims exclusive right to use the color magenta

An online insurance company founded in 2015 and based in New York has been told by T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom that it must desist from using the color magenta in any of its advertising and marketing activities in the German market. Deutsche Telekom’s...

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Kanye West cannot hold “SUNDAY SERVICE” trademark

Hip Hop icon and born-again Christian Kanye West has failed in his attempt to trademark the words “SUNDAY SERVICE” for a range of merchandise. The controversial musician has been touring the US with a series of Christian-themed “Sunday Service” shows, sharing the...

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Rubik’s Cube puzzled by trademark loss

The European General Court has upheld a European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) decision to cancel a trademark held by the Rubik’s Cube. The famous puzzle was invented in 1974 by Hungarian inventor Ernő Rubik and has sold around 400 million units...

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Sky v Skykick rumbles on

Advocate General Evgeni Tanchev of the European Court of Justice has released his opinion on the ongoing Sky v Skykick case. Sky, the well-known telecommunications company, brought proceedings for trademark infringement and passing off against Skykick, a business...

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Craft spirits drive trademark upswing

The number of trademarks registered in the UK for liqueurs and spirits rose by 12% in 2018 according to recently released figures. London law firm RPC put the dramatic rise, from 2,210 filings in 2017 to 2,482 filings in 2018, down to the continuing boom in...

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Sony challenges “PlayTable”

Games developer Prizm Labs has been sued by Sony Interactive Entertainment over the latter’s “PlayTable”, a tablet-like games console that its designers claim will allow players to interact with various boardgames displayed on the screen using physical items such as...

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Gucci’s horsebit setback

Fashion giant Gucci has suffered a serious blow in its near-decade-long battle against an Italian shoe manufacturer. Gucci shoes have long been known for incorporating a distinctive “horsebit”-style metal chain across their uppers. So distinctive is this feature, that...

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Amazon uses IP protection to enter legal services space

In a move that could point to possible future directions for the technology giant, Amazon has announced its “Amazon Intellectual Property Accelerator” service, “a new program that helps brands more quickly obtain intellectual property (IP) rights and brand protection...

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“Queer” decision by IPO

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) been accused of being out-of-step after it denied an application to trademark the name “Queers & Co” on the grounds that its use of the word “queer” was “contrary to accepted moral values within the UK” and “offensive”....

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Liverpool FC trademark application shown red card

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has rejected Liverpool Football Club’s controversial application to trademark the word “Liverpool” for the purposes of “football products and services”. Liverpool FC had insisted that it needed the trademark in order to prevent...

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Air New Zealand’s ‘Kia Ora’ climbdown

In the face of mounting anger from indigenous Māori groups and a threat by the Māori Council to boycott New Zealand’s national airline altogether, Air New Zealand has announced that it has withdrawn its controversial application to trademark the logo of its in-flight...

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USPTO green card backlash

In August, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) introduced a controversial new requirement, whereby trademark applications made by foreign applicants resident in the United States would only be able to apply to register once they first proved their status as...

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Nintendo steps up trademark and copyright war

Japanese videogame giant Nintendo has launched proceedings against website RomUniverse, an online source of unauthorized videogame ROMs, including for many popular Nintendo games. ROM files are essentially illegal copies of games, which can be played on modified game...

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Ohio State University fails to trademark “The”

Ohio State University baffled many when it recently attempted to trademark the word “The”, insisting that the full name of the institution, founded in 1870, is “The Ohio State University” and, as such, it was entitled to trademark the word “The” in order to license...

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Ariana Grande seeks $10 million for Forever 21 infringement

Pop superstar Ariana Grande has commenced proceedings against American fashion retailer Forever 21, alleging trademark infringement as well as a violation of her privacy, and copyright infringement. Grande’s lawsuit alleges that when she declined to feature in a...

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Defending a brand against descriptive use

Kathy Atkinson, Legal Director, Kettle Foods UK, outlines the strategies she employs when defending the KETTLE mark against descriptive use.

Trademark protection for startups

Jéssica Yukari Hayashi Silva, Attorney-at-law at Di Blasi, Parente & Advogados Associados, discusses the importance of trademark protection for startups.

Parallel Branding

Rachel Pasher Eijkenaar, Adv. offers the term “Parallel Branding” as a means of describing how a number of brands can live and work simultaneously within one business transaction.

Boris, Brexit and IP

Aaron Wood, Partner at Keystone Law, discusses how Britain’s exit from the European Union will impact intellectual property in the UK.

OFAC allows payment of fees for IP rights in Venezuela

Ricardo A. Antequera, Managing Partner of Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez, discusses recent changes for IP rights payments in Venezuela.

China’s unique classification system

Maggie Yang, Partner at Corner Stone & Partners, examines China’s idiosyncratic methodology when it comes to trademark classification.

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