Patpol was awarded the best IP advisor in Poland in 2021

Patpol was awarded the best IP advisor in Poland in 2021

Patpol has picked up the Prosecution Firm of the Year award for Poland at the Managing IP Awards 2021. The awards were presented in a virtual ceremony broadcast worldwide on March 30 2021. The award for IP prosecution recognizes the firm’s achievements in patent,...

Can a hashtag be a trademark?

What are hashtags? Even if you spend minimal time on social media, there are three facts that you will agree with. First, social media has become an indispensable marketing channel. Second, the social media platforms are constantly developing online marketing...

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Charlotte Duly Reports: Stuck in a Pearl Jam

Tribute acts can have a tough time selecting a name that makes it clear what they are offering whilst avoiding issues with the actual band they seek to imitate. Pearl Jamm encountered the wrath of the band they were paying tribute to, Pearl Jam, and following a cease...

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Masaki Mikami Reports: Mercedes-Benz StarParts vs Star-Parts

In an administrative decision, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) held the “Mercedes-Benz Star Parts” with a car device mark is dissimilar to the “Star-Parts” word mark. [Appeal case no. 2020-650009, Gazette issued date: November 27, 2020] Mercedes-Benz StarParts Daimler...

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GoDaddy Launches GoDaddy Corporate Domains

New Domain Management Solution Enables Enterprises to Contain Costs, Optimize Portfolios and Mitigate Risks GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the world's largest domain name registrar, today announced the launch of GoDaddy Corporate Domains, a domain management solution for...

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Goliath defeated once again: Bentley Motors v Bentley Clothing

Chris Lees, Director and Co-Owner of Bentley Clothing, highlights quotes from Bentley Motors’ IPO cancellation actions: non-use, invalidity and appeal to the appointed person; High Court; and Court of Appeal.

If disruption is the new normal, will 2021 be the tipping point of change for IP firms?

Justin Simpson, Founder & CEO of Billtrader, reflects on the disruption and key learnings from 2020 and the implications for IP firms and their appetite for change and innovation in 2021.

Cannabis: a promising future

Carolina Vera Matiz, General Director and Partner at Vera Abogados Asociados, examines the developments of the legalization of cannabis products over time and how IP can offer protection.

Green handcuffs: current challenges for CBD brand owners in registering their trademarks at the USPTO

Jonathan A. Menkes, Jonathan A. Hyman, and Bita Kianian, of Knobbe Martens, outline the differences in cannabis products and what the resulting implications are in relation to brand protection.

An Interview with INTA CEO, Etienne Sanz de Acedo.

Etienne Sanz de Acedo talks with The Trademark Lawyer’s Editor, Faye Waters, about the recent virtual Annual Meeting and Leadership Meeting, the INTA’s successes in 2020, and the INTA Think Tanks of the Future.

Women in IP Leadership: Theresa Conduah: Partner, Haynes & Boone

An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality.

Women in IP Leadership: Tiffany Valeriano, Chief Commercial Officer at Rightly

An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality.

Valentino rocks three new U.S. trade dress registrations for luxury footwear

Stacey C. Kalamaras, Founder of Kalamaras Law Office, advises on how to protect your client’s products by proving distinctiveness with reference to the recent Valentino Rockstud® registration.

Argentina: healthy eating, labeling law and trademark protection

Santiago R. O’Conor, Managing Partner of O’Conor & Power, provides an overview of the new rulings on food labelling and the implications involved for brand owners and consumers.

A shield and a sword: non-use cancellation of registered trademarks in China

Maggie Yang, Partner at Corner Stone & Partners, provides much needed answers to questions concerning the latest regulations for trademark non-use cancellation in China and lends advice to protect your brand.

The C-suite can embrace the intangible economy through “Integrated IP Management”

Zeeger Vink, Intellectual Property Director at the MF Brands Group, introduces his recently published book THE GREAT CATAPULT: How Integrated IP Management Will Shoot Your Brand to Success.

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