Shweta Sood Reports: Bull sues Horse – a predictable victory

Shweta Sood Reports: Bull sues Horse – a predictable victory

In a battle between a bull and a horse, the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi passed ex-parte ad interim injunction against the horse based on well-known status given by WIPO to the Bull. The three set parameters for a mark to attain Well Known status as per Indian...

Laurie Bray comments: Lidl loses out in battle of the gin bottles

Lidl has been forced to stop selling its own brand gin on the grounds that it looks too similar to that produced by premium gin maker, Hendrick’s. The move to ban the sale of the lookalike gin came following a trademark infringement claim brought by Scottish gin...

INTA reveals more details about the 2021 Annual Meeting

INTA announced yesterday more details about its 2021 Annual Meeting Virtual +, November 15 to 19, including the cities that will have onsite events and the Meeting’s registration details. The 2021 Annual Meeting will be fully virtual for all five days, November...

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World IP Day: Tips for small business owners

Today is World Intellectual Property Day, and this year, we take the time to celebrate small businesses who are the lifeblood of our global economy. In the United States, small businesses drive our economy – they comprise more than 90% of our businesses and employ...

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World IP Day: UK SMEs left exposed by failure to protect IP

New research from Mewburn Ellis and YouGov to mark International IP Day A survey of small and medium businesses (SME) in the UK (1-249 employees) has found that only 21% have taken steps to fully protect their intellectual property (IP) assets. The survey, of 436 SME...

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Robert Watson reports: One IPO Transformation launch

The formal launch of the One IPO Transformation five-year program on 22 April 2021 marks a welcome step change in the way the UKIPO handles registered IP rights in the digital era.  In fact, work began in March 2021, but this launch marks the publication of the IPO’s...

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M&S sues Aldi in battle of the caterpillars

  M&S is suing Aldi for the alleged infringement of its registered trade marks, which were obtained to protect its Colin the Caterpillar cake. M&S claims that Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar product is similar in appearance and as such, could confuse...

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Patpol was awarded the best IP advisor in Poland in 2021

Patpol has picked up the Prosecution Firm of the Year award for Poland at the Managing IP Awards 2021. The awards were presented in a virtual ceremony broadcast worldwide on March 30 2021. The award for IP prosecution recognizes the firm’s achievements in patent,...

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Can a hashtag be a trademark?

What are hashtags? Even if you spend minimal time on social media, there are three facts that you will agree with. First, social media has become an indispensable marketing channel. Second, the social media platforms are constantly developing online marketing...

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Cross-class protection of reputable trademarks

Mr. Zhenkun Fu, Senior Partner at Corner Stone and Partners, offers first-hand evidence of why a well-known trademark is crucial for protecting your brand against infringers.

Jack Wessel, Senior Counsel, IP at Gilead Sciences, and Jennifer Gruber, VP and Associate General Counsel at Warner Media, discuss INTA’s 2020 In-House Practitioners Benchmarking Report in an interview with Faye Waters, The Trademark Lawyer Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief

Earlier this year Jack and Jennifer sat down with us to unpack the findings of INTA’s In-House Practitioners Benchmarking Report, a research project with which they were both involved, and discuss what the discoveries can lend the IP community.

A surprise New Year’s present from Congress: The Trademark Modernization Act of 2020

Ewa A. Wojciechowska, Associate at McDermott Will & Emery, describes some of the notable changes brought in with TMA, including aiding in shaping litigation expectations, new ex parte expungement petitions expectations, and cancellation proceedings.

Implementing global ‘take downs’ – who is responsible?

Ranjan Narula, Managing Partner of RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys, reviews recent cases concerning the liability of intermediaries when it comes to removing undesirable, explicit, or harmful content online.

Is US Amazon ‘targeting’ UK and EU consumers?

Paul Sweeden, Associate at Locke Lord LLP, evaluates the Lifestyle Equities CV and Another v Amazon UK Services Ltd and Others [2021] EWHC 118 (Ch) case, and what it means for trademark use in online retail.

ECTA’s 39th Annual Conference in Vienna ‘Waltzing with IP’ goes hybrid

ECTA is happy to meet friends again at its 39th Annual Conference ‘Waltzing with IP’ on 21-22 October 2021, this year in a hybrid format. As the safety and health of our attendees is our main concern, this most prestigious
European IP event will be organised both in Vienna for a limited number of participants and online to accommodate those among our large ECTA family who will not be able to travel. The Conference will be held with highest epidemiological standards in mind and in full compliance with the local COVID regulations in force at the time of the event. Find out what you may expect of this new format!

Mental health awareness: the legal brain

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, provides an overview of the impact a legal career can have on mental health with advice for calming an overactive brain.

Women in IP Leadership

Stacey Kalamaras: Founding Partner, Kalamaras Law Office

Sponsored by Anaqua

Women in IP Leadership

Barbara Leitao-Johnson: Intellectual Property Protection Strategy Lead, BSI @ Facebook

Sponsored by Anaqua

Women in IP Leadership

Alice Stephenson: Founder, Stephenson Law

Sponsored by Anaqua

Reproducing artwork as registered trademarks

Tomasz Gawliczek, Attorney at JWP, evaluates the potential benefits and the shortfalls of using famous artwork as a trademark, with examples including the work of Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Vermeer.

You’ve got mail… or have you?

Lena Shen, of Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd., examines issues concerning non-use cancellation procedure against international trademark registration in China, and how postal services can be crucial when it comes to time limits and maintaining protection.

New regional systems for protection of trademarks and designs in the Eurasian Economic Union states

Alexey Kratiuk and Viacheslav Rybchak, Partners at Gorodissky & Partners, provide a precise overview of the new regional system and how it will affect the protection strategy and systems of IP.

Denomination of Origin and Geographical Indications: their impact in commerce

Florencia D. Sosa and Mariano A. Toppino, of O’Conor Power, explain why trademark owners need to be aware of the growing importance of DOs and GIs in Argentina and beyond.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion with Suzanne Wertheim. Chapter 1: an anti-bias vision

In this six-part series Dr. Suzanne Wertheim, of Worthwhile Research & Consulting, talks to The Trademark Lawyer about diversity, equity, and inclusion: what it means; the current challenges; DEI in law; gender bias; and what we can all do to improve.

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