In November 2015, independent musician Raul Caiz suid hip-hop star Rick Ross and his bosses at Def Jam and Universal for trademark infringement and an array of other legal offenses. Caiz claimed Ross began using his stage name, Mastermind, without his permission.

Caiz had allegedly been using the name Mastermind for 17 years and trademarked the name. $2 million in damages was being requested as well as an injunction to prevent Ross from using the name.

December 2016 saw a judge side with Ross and dismiss this case and Caiz’s trademark for the term was consequently canceled. The Judge claimed consumers would not associate the term with the rapper and therefore it should not be owned.

However, this week, according to sources (but not yet confirmed), the case has been reopened. It has been suggested that Caiz won an appeal and the case will now head back to court to decide on the damages payable by Ross and his team.

No comment from Ross at the time of publishing.

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