Earlier this year, we reported that Coachella had filed a lawsuit against Urban Outfitters for trademark infringement, with Urban Outfitters allegedly profiting from the festival by aligning itself through marketing efforts. The case was a controversial one and widely discussed within the industry. No legal agreement was made for Urban Outfitters to use the name of the Californian festival, but it still marketed its products under the brand “Bella Coachella” without permission.

Furthermore, the lawsuit also claimed Urban Outfitters bought the keyword Coachella so online searches would show the retailer’s site in their results.

The lawsuit has now reached a conclusion, though, without even making it to court. Although no details have been revealed of the settlement, it was announced that the parties filed a notice of settlement with the court, stating that they were working to finalise the agreement on September 22nd and one week later, on Friday, September 29, District Judge John Kronstadt dismissed the case without prejudice.

The case is one of several Urban Outfitters has faced in recent years over its products and their alleged copyright infringement. It battled with motorcycle company Harley-Davidson and with a Los Angeles fabric manufacturer. The company also previously settled a lawsuit with the Navajo Nation.