Singapore has become the first country in the world to enable applicants to file for a trademark registration via an app on their smartphone.

“IPOS Go” was built and released by IPOS – the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. According to IPOS, the new app offers a “simplified user interface and features that create a seamless and fuss-free application experience, making it easier and faster for business owners to submit their applications”.

Prior to the release of this app, it could take up to an hour or more to complete a trademark application in Singapore. IPOS has stated that the same process can now be completed in 10 minutes or less when an applicant uses its new app. It also suggests that, as applicants begin to feel more confident about filing directly with IPOS via the app, filing costs ought to be significantly reduced.

Isabelle Tan, Director of the Registry of Trademarks at IPOS, adds: “Trademarks are the meat and potatoes of the IP world. They communicate the emotional and reputational attributes of every enterprise, creating a differentiating identity in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Everyone deals with trademarks daily, and the trademark system is crucial in the protection and monetization of that distinctive identity. Given the widespread use of smartphones for transactions today, the IPOS Go mobile app is just a fingertip away for businesses and entrepreneurs to protect their trademarks, build consumer loyalty, and ultimately generate and increase revenue for the company”.

IPOS Go will also allow applicants to track their registration status, be notified of important updates, and file for trademark renewals via the app, all “on-the-go”.

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