On October 26th Microsoft will host a Windows 10 event, where it is likely they will be releasing at least one new product. Although the company has remained fairly secretive about what to expect, there are some signs hinting at a new surface all-in-one desktop PC (similar to the iMac).

Moreover, there’s might be some other products on the way (probably at a later date) based on a set curious trademark applications – some made directly by Microsoft, others that may have been delegated.

The information is provided to us by Brian Conroy, also known as The Trademark Ninja, a commercial litigation lawyer specializing in trademark law and intellectual property.

It’s worth saying now that some of the trademarks are more conclusive than others. Let’s start with the more concrete bits.

Microsoft filed two trademarks on October 14 for ‘Surface Laptop’ and ‘Paint 3d’. These aren’t speculation: they are listed under the company’s name.

Now for the detective work. The trademarks are not filed under Microsoft’s name, but there is reasonable evidence to believe they might be linked to the company. However, without them being directly registered by Microsoft itself, we can’t be completely conclusive.

With all that being said, these are what we might end up seeing at the October 26 event, or at a later event:

  • Surface Studio, likely the all-in-one PC
  • Surface Dial, probably a phone
  • Possible unnamed Surface wearable

Check out the Trademark Ninja’s blog for a better breakdown, but here’s the gist: A Slovenian company applied for a trademark for the word ‘Surface’ across a variety of countries and it’s really similar to Microsoft’s own current trademark. It covers many similar aspects as Microsoft’s current trademark, and it seems very unlikely a small Slovenian company would want to go face-to-face with Microsoft in a TM infringement battle.

The key thing to note is that the Slovenian application – if Microsoft is behind it – would extend the Surface brand to cover mobile phones and wearables. The current Microsoft trademark does not include such devices.

In addition, the Slovenian company has applied for trademarks for ‘Surface Studio and ‘Surface Dial.’ Those sound like awfully good names for a desktop and mobile device under the Surface brand.

Microsoft’s response to the current speculation was: “We’re eager to show you what’s next on October 26. We can’t say more beyond that just yet, so be sure to tune into the live webcast at https://www.microsoft.com/octoberevent for the latest.”

Guess we will just have to wait and see!


Original story from thenextweb.com

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