Last year, Velcro released a music video featuring singing lawyers asking people to #DontSayVelcro. The video was a bid to get people to stop using the brand name as a general term to prevent trademark infringement and genericide occurring. This week, the brand has created a follow-up video featuring the responses that came from the initial video. Many were profound and rude but the company’s lawyers sang them in an ironic and happy manner.

Julie Barry, director of global brands for Velcro, released a statement claiming that the video “created a dialog online that hasn’t existed before,” as they now “have users on Twitter, YouTube or Reddit correcting each other.”

Celebrities have joined the conversation, learning about why they shouldn’t say Velcro and learning how some of their favorite childhood shoes were not Velcro after all.

Although many positives came from teaching people about the Velcro trademarks, “you also get some of the trolls and negative comments”, Barry continued.  “Some of them were quite funny. So we thought we could bring closure to that original concept with a follow-up video that incorporates actual feedback.”

There will be more videos this year and next, she says.

View the full video on youtube:

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