Published May 23, 2024

In what promises to be the legal spectacle of the year, Bollywood luminary Jackie Shroff is gearing up for a fierce battle against trademark violations in his latest legal undertaking. 

Shroff, the iconic figure of Bollywood known for his inimitable style and on-screen persona, has taken a resolute stand to protect his trademark rights associated with the Marathi slang ‘bhidu.’ In a recent development that has reverberated across legal circles, Shroff has initiated proceedings in the Delhi High Court to counter the unauthorized exploitation of his name and personality traits by various entities for commercial gain. 

Representatives advocating on behalf of Shroff have vehemently argued against the misuse of their client’s persona and the unauthorized proliferation of his image and likeness. They have cited numerous instances of infringing activities, ranging from the sale of merchandise bearing Shroff’s name to the dissemination of ringtones and wallpapers, and the circulation of derogatory memes and GIFs. The unauthorized use of the cherished Marathi term ‘bhidu’ further compounds the legal complexities of the case. 

However, amidst this legal skirmish, several challenges loom large:

  1. Misleading endorsements: given Shroff’s towering stature in the entertainment industry, there exists a palpable risk of consumers being misledinto believing that products and services are endorsed by the actorhimself. This blurring of lines between legitimate endorsement and unauthorized usage poses a formidable hurdle in Shroff’s pursuit of justice. 
  2. Derogatory content: the proliferation of derogatory and objectionable content, including manipulated images and offensive voiceovers, not only infringes upon Shroff’s trademark rights but also raises pertinent questions regarding defamation and the delineation of permissible creative expression vis-à-vis unauthorized usage.
  3. Precedents and legal strategy: while Shroff’s legal team draws inspiration from past judgments in analogous cases involving prominent personalities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor, the effectiveapplication of these legal precedents to the unique circumstances of Shroff’s case demands a nuanced and strategic approach. 

As the legal drama unfolds within the hallowed halls of the Delhi High Court, all eyes are on Justice Sanjeev Narula, who has issued summons to the accused entities. The burning question remains: Will Shroff emerge triumphant in his endeavor to safeguard his trademark rights and uphold the sanctity of his revered reputation? Stay tuned as this riveting legal saga continues to captivate audiences, both on and off the silver screen. 

Tahir Khan

Written by Tahir Khan

The Barrister Group

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