Well-known trademarks in Russia

Alexey Kratiuk from Gorodissky & Partners looks at Russian trademark law by analyzing well-known trademarks, thinking about recent amendments, grounds for refusal, and the positives and negatives of the law.

Substantial amendments in Argentina

Santiago O’Conor and Agustin Castro from O’Conor & Power discuss the recent revisions to Argentinian trademark law including the Opposition procedure and nullity of trademarks.

How to protect 3D designs for products in China

Mr. Nick Ji from Corner Stone & Partners outlines the advantages and disadvantages of 3D Design protection in China, considering trademarks, copyrights, and design rights.

The Madrid Systems in Vietnam

Pham Vu Khanh Toan from PHAM & ASSOCIATES summarizes the latest amendments regarding the procedure for handling international applications designating Vietnam.

New guidance for parallel imports provisions in Russia

In view of the recent ruling of the Russian constitutional court, Yury Bondarev and Victor Lisovenko from Patentica explore the new parallel import regulations in Russia.

Stockholm – the capital of Scandinavia®

Mr. Petter Rindforth from Fenix Legal KB discusses some of the major complications that arise when trademarking city names and features, looking at specific examples such as Stockholm and Oslo.

How to strategize in copyrights vs. trademarks conflicts

Nicoleta Anghelescu from Cabinet Enpora outlines the specific task list copyright vs. trademarks conflicts should comply to, required by the specific legislation governing this IP right.

Big changes in Mexican trademark law

Antonio Belaunzarán and Alonso Camargo from OLIVARES explore the recent changes to Mexican trademark law in light of the Mexican governments re-negotiations on free trade agreements.

Understanding trademark opposition proceedings in India

Omesh Puri from LexOrbis describes the Indian trademark opposition procedure, considering all aspects from the pleading stage to the hearing and appeals.

New trademark framework in Malawi

Inês Monteiro Alves and Inês Duarte Tavares from Inventa International explore the Malawian trademark law revision drafted in 2016 that is awaiting publishing in the Gazette.

Connecting the IP ecosystem

Haydn Evans, SVP Solutions Marketing & Strategy at CPA  Global, explores the changing way IP professionals work across the entire IP lifecycle and explains how The IP Platform can be used to support this.

Why the scale of trademark infringement should not be underestimated

Robert Reading, from CompuMark, considers the trademark research process, looking into key trends and challenges in the industry at the moment.

Mexican IP law amendments

Marcela Bolland González and Gabriela Armas Araiza from Uhthoff, Gomez Vega & Uhthoff, S.C address Geographical Indications and their incorporation to the Mexican System of protection.

Indian High Court’s analysis of law governing trademark renewal

Lucy Rana and Aakriti Thakur from S.S Rana & Co. analyze the recent case at the Delhi High Court of M/S Epsilon Publishing House Pvt. Vs. Union of India.

Cannabis and trademarks in Canada

Suzanne Antal and Micheline Dessureault from Joli-Coeur Lacasse explore the trademark law behind the growing cannabis industry in Canada after the introduction of Bill C-45.

Plain packaging in Poland

Marta Koremba and Anna Fiłonowicz from Bird & Bird explore the eight-year-long trademark dispute over plain yogurt packaging trademark in Poland.

Twin-track approach to trademark enforcement in China

Mr. Bin Zhang and Ms. Lei FU from CCPIT detail an introduction to the Chinese twin-track approach: administrative and judicial.

Office actions in Switzerland

Jeannette Wibmer, Attorney-at-Law and Partner of Badertscher Attorneys, Zurich and Zug, discusses the most important pitfalls and chances for owners of international trademarks and owners of prior Swiss trademark rights in Swiss office actions.

The protection of geographical indications in Brazil: A panoramic vision

Carolina Schueler from Luiz Leonardos & Advogados outlines the Brazilian laws surrounding Geographic Indication, considering the history of the law, foreign applications, and the recent recognition of GI from the European Union.

Trademarks in Italy: Latest developments

Italy has implemented substantial changes in TM filing and prosecution in the last years: Francesco Bonini of Studio Bonini, Vicenza, Italy reports.

Dilemma with enforcement by Clause 60th of Trademark Law in China

Nikita Min Xue from HongFangLaw considers some of the difficulties encountered by law enforcement in China.

Bad faith in the Polish trademark law

Klaudia Blach-Morysinska and Maciej Bugalski from ZM Legal discuss the crucial role of bad faith in trademark law and its use and existence in Polish law, specifically.

Delays nourish desires: Canada’s Trade-marks Act

Neil Melliship and Jeffrey Vicq from Clark Wilson LLP explain the long-anticipated changes to the Trade-marks Act and identify strategies that owners and practitioners should consider adopting now, to ensure readiness.

Relevant reforms to Mexican IP Law

Gilberto Sánchez Escárcega and Eduardo Vázquez Labra from SPECIFIC IP outline the reforms made recently that will be a breakthrough in the Mexican System of Industrial Property.

Copyright Law: A general overview

Monica Nakanwagi from Bowmans (AF Mpanga Advocates) gives a short overview of copyright laws in Uganda, the USA, and other jurisdictions, considering concepts of originality, copyright protection, and more.

Rick Ross to pay millions in TM dispute

In November 2015, independent musician Raul Caiz suid hip-hop star Rick Ross and his bosses at Def Jam and Universal for trademark infringement and an array of other legal offenses. Caiz claimed Ross began using his stage name, Mastermind, without his permission....

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New opportunity to challenge Coca-Cola’s ‘Zero’ TM

A reconsideration has been allowed in a bitter branding battle between Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper over the distinctiveness of the mark 'Zero'. The opportunity was granted by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit this week and will allow 17 of Coca-Cola's...

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