Perspectives on empowering trademark teams for global brand protection

Denise Maistickle, Merck & Co., Inc., Sarah Staff, Microsoft, and Jayne Durden, CPA Global share their insights on how trademark teams can better collaborate to protect global brands.

Nation Branding: Competition between countries

Zeeger Vink, IP Director at MAUS FRÈRES, outlines seven IP steps for countries to increase the power and value of their own brand.

The EU Worldwide Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List

Jan Maarten Laurijssen from Pointer Brand Protection & Research explains how, following the example of the annual US Notorious Markets List, the European Commission will be publishing a similar list intended to name and shame platforms facilitating substantial trademark and copyright counterfeiting.

Strategies for defeating trademark squatting in China

Maggie Yang briefs the reasons for trademark squatting, the typical ways for this to be dealt with, and the legal framework of clearing squatting trademarks in China, outlined in the New Trademark Law of China.

Evaluating brand loyalty in the digital world

There are many competing methods for evaluating brand value and loyalty in the digital world. Stuart Fuller, a branding expert with the LSE-listed internet services company CentralNic, outlines the key measures and draws attention to some major risks for brands, as well as risk-mitigants available to them.

The AI-powered attorney is a generation away – or more

Mark Kingsley-Williams from LawPanel outlines the progress of AI in everyday life and explains how it may not be quite as advanced yet as we have been led to believe.

What’s wrong with the unitary character of the European Union trademark?

Can both the EU and the national trademark system successfully co-exist after all? Ines Duhanic investigates.

European Trademark Rankings

A comprehensive list of the most well-respected law firms from Europe in alphabetical country and company order.

McDonald’s Selects Anaqua Trademark Management Software

This week, Anaqua have once again made huge progress with the beginning of a new business deal. McDonald’s Corporation has entered into a multi-year agreement to use the ANAQUA platform to manage trademark prosecution, enforcement, and related legal matters. The...

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