INTA Elects Zeeger Vink as 2022 President, approves four resolutions

INTA Elects Zeeger Vink as 2022 President, approves four resolutions

The International Trademark Association (INTA) is pleased to announce the election of Zeeger Vink as the 2022 President of the Association and the Chair of its Board of Directors. Mr. Vink is intellectual property director at MF Brands Group, the Swiss group that owns...

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Wedlake Bell further bolsters its Trademark offering

Wedlake Bell is delighted to announce that Emilia Petrossian has been appointed as a Trademark Attorney within the firm’s IP & Commercial group. Emilia joined Wedlake Bell as a Trainee Trademark Attorney in August 2021 and qualified as a Trademark Attorney in...

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SONY: the race for GT. Carla Maclachlan reports

Background to the case. On August 23 2017, Mr Wai Leong Wong (WONG) filed an application to register the trademark GT RACING in the EU in Class 18 which included leather and imitations of leather and goods made of these materials, namely leather bags, cases, holdalls,...

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Lewis Silkin levels up games practice with new legal director

LONDON – Lewis Silkin recently announced the appointment of Nick Allan as a legal director to lead the firm’s growing practice in interactive entertainment. Nick is a specialist in computer and video games, especially in commercial transactions in the industry,...

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AMAZON: driving counterfeits to zero

The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) welcomes Amazon’s commitment in their new Policy Position Paper This week, Amazon published a “Policy Position Paper” setting out its commitment to address the marketing and sales of counterfeit products across its platforms....

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Transparency Report: an interview with Mark Fiore, Director & Associate General Counsel, IP, at Facebook

Mark Fiore sits down with The Trademark Lawyer to discuss Facebook’s proactive protection of IP across their services and their priority to protectrights holders worldwide.

Common law Goliath wins humiliating trademark battle against senior registered owner - the battle of the condiments

Alain Villeneuve and John E. Munro, IP Attorneys at Duane Morris LLP, review the dubious case of METCHUP® v MAYOCHUP™¸ calling into question the purpose of trademark law.

From the triple option to the hurry-up no-huddle: how name, image, and likeness policies are changing the game for universities

Christopher Lewis, Associate at Knobbe Martens,
assesses the impact of increased brand value for
universities and collegiate athletes and whether, with
quantifiable impact, each should be able to profit
from each other.

Degeneration, negative secondary meaning, and regeneration of trademarks – how to act?

Petter Rindforth, Managing Partner at Fenix Legal,
explains the possible lifecycles of a trademark and
the importance of creating a generic descriptive word
to protect your trademark over time.

The main differences of Trademark Registration between China and the US

Wei He, Trademark Attorney at Beijing Sanyou
Intellectual Property Agency Ltd., examines the
similarities and differences between trademark
registration and protection in these two jurisdictions.

How IP firms are embracing pandemic-driven change to supercharge their efficiency

Justin Simpson, Founder & CEO of Billtrader,
reflects on how pandemic driven change is redefining
the next normal for IP firms and how future-focussed
firms are leveraging this opportunity to transform
their business operations.

Does referencing a trademark online constitute infringement?

Roman Larshin, Senior Lawyer at Zuykov and
Partners, discovers what exclusive right to a
trademark is and how it can be infringed with specific
reference to websites.

Motion Marks in Mexico

Wilma Caraza and Santiago Pedroza, of OLIVARES,
review the Mexican practice surrounding nontraditional
trademark registration.

Online evidence in trademark proceedings

The CP12 Common Practice on evidence in trademark
appeal proceedings recently became binding for EU
Members, including Poland. Klaudia Błach Morysińska,
Attorney at Law at ZM Legal, explains all you need
to know about rules regarding online evidence.

How to avoid a “fashion” faux pas on The Legal Runway

Hilda-Georgina, Associate Solicitor at Mewburn Ellis
LLP, examines the rulings in Original Beauty
Technology & Ors v G4k Fashion Ltd & Ors and Chanel
v European Intellectual Property Office and Huawei
Technologies Co.Ltd.

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality.

Featureing: Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak:
Partner, Traple Konarski
Podrecki and Partners

Sponsored by: Traple Konarski
Podrecki and Partners

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality.

Featureing: Kate O’Rourke:
Partner, Mewburn Ellis

Sponsored by: Traple Konarski
Podrecki and Partners

A Q&A with SHIP Global IP

Find out about SHIP Global IP’s trademark
management module and how it can make IP
protection cost effective and hassle free.

FAQs: Trademark Cancellation in Argentina

Diego Palacio and Mingo Palacio, Partners at Palacio
& Asociados, answer frequently asked questions
about Trademark Cancellation in Argentina to keep
you up to date.

Copyright – a powerful and effective tool to repress trademark and industrial design infringements in Vietnam

Nguyen Vu QUAN and Ngo Thu HUONG, Partners at
KENFOX IP & Law Office, provide a detailed outline
of the reasons why a Copyright Registration
Certificate could protect your IP in Vietnam sooner
than you thought.

Eurasian industrial design

Evgeny Alexandrov and Viacheslav Rybchak,
Partners at Gorrodissky and Partners, provide an
overview of the procedure and protection available
to Eurasian industrial designs.

Madrid Protocol in Brazil: what has happened in the last two years?

Eduardo Machado and Stephany Araujo,
Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Viera de Mello’s
experts, review the past two years since the
implementation of the Madrid Protocol in Brazil.

Tips for International Trademark Registrations designating China

Nick Ji, Partner at Corner Stone & Partners,
provides advise for registering trademarks in China.

OTT platforms and digital media in spotlight over IT rules

Ranjan Narula and Abhishek Nangia, thought
leaders at RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys,
communicate the ethics and codes of conduct
surrounding streaming services and explore litigation
cases involving over-the-top media.

The value of brands in a pandemic: where to look when production comes to an unprecedented halt

Pilar López, Partner at Arias, provides an overview
of why IP is more crucial than ever to the fashion

South Africa – a quick guide for IP owners

Christophe van Zyl, trademark attorney and Managing
Director at Dennemeyer South Africa, explains why IP
owners must not overlook this country when filing for

Oppositions in Italy: an encouraging progress

Francesco Bonini provides statistical analysis of the
Italian Opposition Division.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion with Suzanne Wertheim. Chapter 3: inclusion

In this six-part series Dr. Suzanne Wertheim,
of Worthwhile Research & Consulting, talks to
The Trademark Lawyer about diversity, equity,
and inclusion: what it means; the current challenges;
DEI in law; gender bias; and what we can all do to

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