Wyeth’s 16-year battle against bad-faith trademarks in China

In light of the final ruling they won in May 2018, Mr. Zhenkun Fu and Ms. Maggie Yang of Corner Stone & Partners explain the complex case over bad-faith trademarks “Wyeth” and “Wyeth in Chinese”.

Intellectual Property Appellate Board: A route for trademark cancellation in India

Mr. Omesh Puri and Ms. Aprajita Nigam from LexOrbis consider the role of IPAB as a stepping stone in the ever developing and changing IP landscape of India.

The importance of data verification in every IP strategy

Elena Galletti from Brandstock outlines the importance of data verification and presents some of the considerations to make when including data verification in your IP strategy.

Fight against counterfeits in Mexico: Past, present, and future

Victor Ramirez and Fernanda Diaz from OLIVARES give a legal perspective of the legal actions initiated in recent years in Mexico, the reality of these and the possible future that Mexico is facing.

Difficulties and trends on the protection of three-dimensional marks

Dr. Xiuping OU from Jiaquan IP Law reflects on a dispute case of body wash in China that dealt with the difficulties of protection of 3D marks.

Boom in trademarks indicates unprecedented Chinese growth

Robert Reading, Director of Custom & Managed Solutions, CompuMark, a brand of Clarivate Analytics, explores the growth of the Chinese economy in recent years

Mediation and arbitration in Intellectual Property

Vera Albino and Miguel Bibe from Inventa International outline the key features and benefits of using mediation and arbitration instead of lawsuits to settle disputes in Africa.

An update on Mexico’s trademark opposition system

Marisol Balandra from Uhthoff Gomez Vega-Uhthoff gives an in-depth analysis of Mexico’s trademark opposition system since updates and proposed updates were enforced.

Appellations of origin of goods and geographical indications in Russia

Viacheslav Rybchak from Gorodissky & Partners closely considers AOGs and GIs in Russian intellectual property law and how they will be used to stimulate the development of the legal system.

Are you ready for The Amazon Effect? Equipping ourselves to meet the changes in the legal marketplace

Kathryn Szymczyk discusses how The Amazon Effect is already impacting the legal market and how we need to shift our thinking to face this challenge.


A comprehensive list of the most well-respected law firms from the Asia Pacific region in alphabetical country and company order.

The producers of “City of Lies” begin TM infringement battle

The producers of “City of Lies,” Johnny Depp’s upcoming film about the murder investigations surrounding Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., have filed suit against another film company, saying that the similar names between the companies are causing confusion in...

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UKIPO Trends 1995-2017

The UK government has today released a report on trends at the UKIPO between 1995-2017 (please see here). A few key points to take from the report: Patent applications made directly to the UK IPO have seen a gentle decline in recent years, applications filed at the...

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Article of the week #1: Are you ready for The Amazon Effect?

Our technical skills as IP professionals remain our most important asset. However, they are no longer enough. Profound and permanent shifts in consumer expectations and in the way businesses compete, referred to as “The Amazon Effect”, have significantly and...

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