Trademark strategies in Asia Pacific

John Walker from Dennemeyer looks into the classifications of the Asia Pacific region and thus the trademark strategies – both the broader and generic – of the nations involved.

Pharmaceutical products in the US & the EU: The challenges of protecting your trademark globally

Benjamin Goldenberg from Galderma here focuses on the unique challenges of identifying and protecting a trademark for a global pharmaceutical product.

Tire tread pattern: A non-conventional mark awarded conventional protection

Omesh Puri from LexOrbis considers nonconventional marks in India, specifically looking into the recent groundbreaking case of Apollo Tyres Ltd. Vs. Pioneer Trading Corporation and Ors.

The protection of trademarks through ARIPO

João Francisco Sá of Inventa International navigates through the challenges of registering trademarks at the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization.

Latest update on Italian IP courts

Francesco Bonini, of Studio Bonini Srl, reports on the recent developments, timeliness, and performances of IP courts in Italy and effectiveness of IP enforcement.

Bad faith filings in Vietnam – regulations and practices

Pham Vu Khanh Toan from Pham & Associates gives insight to trademark law in Vietnam, specifically thinking about bad faith filings by looking closely at some recent examples.

Trademark applications in India

Manoj Kumar Srivastwa, Tradesafe IP, discusses the practical aspects of rights conferred by virtue of trademark registration and how the actual, or bona fide, use under the Trademarks Act 1999 requires vital
interpretation, giving further insight to the act as a tool to the beneficiary.

Post-Brexit position paper comments

Stephen Hodsdon, Partner, Litigator, Patent & Trademark Attorney at Mewburn Ellis comments on the European Commission’s position paper on IP post-Brexit, outlining the key points and giving an opinion on the outcome.

Design rights in Poland

Klaudia Błach-Morysińska from Zaborski, Morysiński Law Office gives an in-depth explanation of the fundamental aspects of design right law in Poland and how this has adapted over the years.

Epic Brewing Co. begins trademark lawsuit

With the trademark 'beer boom' throughout 2016 & 2017, it was expected that an increase in trademark litigation cases would occur. The most recent of these cases is between Utah beer producer - Epic Brewing Co. - and Buena Vista's Eddyline Brewing company. Epic...

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Article of the week #2: Post-Brexit position paper comments

For many months we have known that Brexit will bring changes to IP rights in Europe. Whilst there are many outstanding questions to be addressed, until recently we have seen no official communications from the UK or EU to indicate any possible answers. However, this...

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Article of the week #1: Trademark applications in India

During our day to day practice of dealing with a trademark application, registration, litigation, prosecution, and enforcement as an IP Professional, we see it as a fashion being adored by many rich, successful, or multinational companies to have applied their Brand...

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