House of Zana wins against Zara in trademark battle

House of Zana wins against Zara in trademark battle

Retail giant, Zara, tried to get Darlington-based fashion boutique, House of Zana, which specializes in handmade kimonos, to change its name. Mrs Kotrri, whose husband is Albanian, set up her company in 2019 and named it after the Albanian word for "fairies", namely...

Is Quidditch being held back by a snitch?

Is Quidditch being held back by a snitch?

Quidditch first appeared as a fictious sport in the JK Rowling novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where it is played by wizards and witches riding magical flying broomsticks. It famously continued to feature in later Harry Potter books, as well as the...

Damages or compensation. The choice to make for infringement in Russia

Damages or compensation. The choice to make for infringement in Russia

Protection of IP in Russia is often being discussed in the media nowadays and judging by the publications that one may see Russia tends to dismiss any rights vested in IP which is outright wrong. In the meantime, IP life goes on as usual and infringement is active as...

The Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China: the crime of counterfeiting a registered trademark

Zhenkun Fu, Senior Partner at Corner Stone & Partners, details the penalties infringers face for illegal turnover in the case of counterfeiting registered trademarks, with fines and imprisonment a possibility for concurrent and multiple crimes.

Traversing the evolving trademark landscape: discover trends, challenges and opportunities through the lens of IP intelligence – an interview with Robert Reading

Robert Reading, Head of Content Strategy for IP at Clarivate, answers questions about the recent report, expressing the trends in filing, the impact of technological development, and the most shocking finding.

Notable developments following the establishment of the Intellectual Property Division of the High Court of Delhi

Manisha Singh and Aarushi Mishra of LexOrbis take a look at some of the notable developments that have emerged from the creation and implementation of the IPD.

Spare me the fire and brimstone: the case for the ‘informed and amicable’ cease and desist

Caitlin Byczko, Partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP, provides her take on traditional cease and desist letters and offers her opinion on a more effective method for overcoming conflict.

Google Ads program under scrutiny by the Delhi High Court

Ranjan Narula, Managing Partner, and Deeksha Singh, Associate Trainee, of RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys review a recent action brought by a famous Indian travel portal, MakeMyTrip, against and Google over the use of trademarks as AdWords.

Evolution of Trademark Concept and Distinctiveness in Mexico

Gerardo Parra Tiznado, Senior Associate at Uhthoff, Gomez Vega & Uhthoff, reviews the changes in legislation for non-traditional trademarks including those with no visible attributes under Mexican law.

IP Trend Monitor Survey: High-impact IP management. What it takes to win the game.

The latest IP Trend Monitor study, published by Dennemeyer in partnership with CTC Legal Media, focuses on how IP management is changing. Building on previous years’ reports, it provides a snapshot of what IP experts think about the recovery from the pandemic, how to succeed in today’s world and where changes are needed.

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality.

Featuring: Laura Castillo Sepúlveda, Partner at  Innventiva Espacio legal

Rankings: Asia Pacific

10 of the best law firms from each of the top Asian jurisdictions, including China, India, Japan and Vietnam.

Jurisdictional briefing, Poland: Is Polish industrial property law about to be revolutionized?

Dr Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak, Partner at Traple Konarski Podrecki and Partners, details the envisaged amendments to industrial property law

Jurisdictional Briefing, Eurasia: Important changes and news in the Eurasian IP are scheduled for July 1st, 2022

Dr. Tatiana Vakhnina and Dr. Alexey Vakhnin of Vakhnina and Partners discuss the simplification of the Eurasian Trademark and the EAPO as an International Search Authority.

Jurisdictional Briefing, US: awaiting clarity in fair use

Michelle Ciotola, Partner at Cantor Colburn, reflects on the split in the circuits in relation to the surprising copyright case of Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith, Lynn, et. al. which may alter the boundaries of fair use and transformative use in the US.

Madrid Protocol – Bane or Boon?

Dr. Niti Dewan, Head of the Patents Department & Business Development at R. K. Dewan & Co., examines the use of the Madrid Protocol for trademark protection in relation to registering and protecting a trademark in India.

Keyword Advertising – Fair Play or Trademark Infringement

Misum Hossain and Fatima Khanom of Lincoln Legal Chambers explore a recent court ruling in India related to keyword advertising in context with some landmark case laws from Europe.

Stress & Burnout in the legal profession: an interview with Anthony Seale & Lucy Shurwood

Anthony Seale, CEO of Legatics, and Lucy Shurwood, Partner at Pinsent Masons, discuss the findings of a recent YouGov survey on ‘Challenges in the legal profession: an investigation’, with an explanation as to how Legatics and the Mindful Business Charter can help lawyers facing these struggles.

G2 Legal promotes internally to help with business growth

G2 Legal, a leading legal recruitment company, today announced multiple promotions to help deliver its plan for growth. Having joined G2 Legal in 2013, Andrew Cookson is now promoted to Director and will continue to head up the Midlands region. James Hitti has been...

SHIP Global IP welcomes Dr. Robert Fichter as Managing Director

• IP industry expert and patent attorney Dr. Robert Fichter welcomed at SHIP Global IP to lead the worldwide organization and growth plans. • The appointment of Dr. Robert Fichter, is a new step for SHIP Global IP in attracting the best talent in the market with a...

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