“Use it, or you lose it”: The Italian Supreme Civil Court’s (SCC) innovative judgment

Contrary to the ECJ, the Italian SCC stated that the well-known LAMBRETTA mark shall be revoked for non-use. “Effective use” must prevail on the memory of the mark in the consumers’ mind. Francesco Bonini of Studio Bonini, Vicenza, Italy reports.

Business name rights for foreign companies in China

Mr. Zhenkun Fu and Ms. Brenda Zhao from Corner Stone & Partners give an analysis of Unfair Competition case: Reusch GMBH v. Shijiazhuang Marsnow Outdoor Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd.

Protecting your trademarks and brands against online misuse

Mary Jo Murphy, Monitoring and Enforcement product manager with CSC, explores four steps to successfully protecting your assets and stopping online misuse of your brand, and how CSC can make the overall process simpler.

Better convoy for trademark protection in 2018

Nikita Min Xue from HongFangLaw looks into the ways the newly amended anti-unfair competition law in China has impacted on trademark practice in the country.

INTA broadens its scope in 2018

Tish Berard, the 2018 President of the International Trademark Association, talks to the Trademark Lawyer Magazine about the 2018-2021 strategic plan, her priorities for the year, and INTA’s 2018 educational program.

Surviving in the saturated fintech market

Robert Reading, from CompuMark, discusses the fintech industry and the trademark challenges that arise in this difficult industry.

Where does IP stand in relation to the Mercosur/European Free Trade Agreement?

Santiago O’Conor from O’Conor & Power presents the most important matters relating to the new European Union proposal for the conception of a statutory text regarding IPR.

Trademarks in Nigeria

Lara Kayode from O Kayode & Co considers trademark law in Nigera by looking closely at well-known marks rights, cease and desist letters, the customs process and much more.

Kanye West applies for Red October trademark, again

Kanye West is, once again, hoping to gain the exclusive rights to his original Nike Air Yeezy 1 'Red October' trainers. The trainers are officially four years old and the megastar wants to prevent others from using the name without permission and to begin selling...

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Bacardi’s trademark denied in the UK

On the 31st March 2015, Bacardi applied to register the trademark 'Angels Envy' at the EUIPO after acquiring the brand that year. In April 2017 this was converted to a UK trademark and life seemed simple for the global spirit company. However, this led to three years...

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