App icons are the new trademarks

Zeeger Vink, IP Director at Maus Frères/Lacoste, outlines 10 conditions for strong design and protection of app icons to help companies strengthen their brands.

How to foresee and manage the risks of a neglected legal docket

Elena Galletti from Brandstock describes the importance of successfully managing a legal docket and outlines the risks attached of neglecting a legal docket.

Settlement of IP infringement and dispute resolution: Why is court action unpopular?

Pham Vu Khanh Toan from Pham & Associates explores results of IP infringement over the past years with a focus on resolving disputes in courts and provides some analysis of the status quo.

Joint liability for intellectual property infringement – Polish perspective

Klaudia Błach-Morysi´nska from ZM Legal looks into joint liability claims from the point of view of Polish law, considering the positive impacts of the law and the sections that still need improvement.

Bad faith intellectual property litigation

Mr. Ray Zhao from Unitalen Attorneys-at-Law reviews a recent case heard in China between “Coppertone Ultra Guard” and “Coppertone Kids” and outlines the importance of the case on trademark law in the country.

Nestlé’s four-finger bar fight over… for now

Rose Smalley, Patrick Cantrill, and Amy Galloway from Womble Bond Dickinson address some of the questions puzzling UK consumers in relation to the registration.

Review on the “Deceptive” clause during a trademark registration in China

Bob Zhang and Mandy WANG from HongFangLaw believe whether a disputed mark is “deceptive” should be determined according to public knowledge.

Mexico – IP laws have changed, what happens next?

Diego G. Rossi, Gilberto Martínez, and Ana L. Vargas Ramirez from IBERBRAND® outline the changes that are currently taking place in Mexico in light of the recent intellectual property amendments that have taken place in the country.

Copyright protection for fashion in Brazil

Daniele Dias Machado from Luiz Leonardos & Advogados gives insight into copyright laws in Brazil, thinking specifically about copyright surrounding fashion in the country.

Sensory trademarks

Dheeraj Kapoor from LexOrbis explores non-traditional marks, specifically focusing on scent marks, including their requirements and limitations within Indian trademark law.

Poland: Foreign companies fight against unfair competition

Marta Koremba and Katarzyna Bieliszczuk from Bird & Bird look closely at unfair competition in Poland, specifically considering the presence of international companies in the country

Chinese importation: Determining the seller’s liability

Zhenkun Fu from Corner Stone & Partners investigates the Chinese court’s determination of the seller’s liability for compensation in trademark infringement concerning imported goods by looking at a recent case they handled

India: Delhi High Court and the ‘Red Sole’ Saga

Lucy Rana and Bijit Das from SS Rana & Co, investigate the story of Christian Louboutin and the case of the ‘Red Sole’ Trademark at Delhi High Court.


A comprehensive list of the most well-respected law firms from the Americas region in alphabetical country and company order.

‘St Andrews’ trademark application dismissed by EU court

The European Union Intellectual Property Office has denied an appeal by famous golf course St Andrews to register their name as a trademark. St Andrews links wanted the name of the Scottish coastal town to be protected in order to stop other companies around the world...

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Cadbury lose appeal on trademarking color Purple

Cadbury today lost their appeal to trademark the color purple. The case concerns Cadbury’s registered UK trademark for the color purple, which states  “The mark consists of the color purple (Pantone 2685C) as shown on the form of application, applied to the whole...

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Article of the week #2: Sensory trademarks

In recent times, different companies and proprietors have been employing new branding techniques that utilize non-traditional marks such as color, shape, a particular kind of movement or motion, sound, taste/flavor, touch, and even scent to distinguish their products...

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