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What-A-Mess: Whataburger in trademark row

What-A-Mess: Whataburger in trademark row

Every trademark attorney knows the Burger King v. Hoots case from 1968, in which the federal trademark registrant of BURGER KING - a Florida company - challenged the 'good faith junior user' which innocently adopted the same BURGER KING mark for identical services in...

Fakes off the field: combating counterfeits in football

Fakes off the field: combating counterfeits in football

Fandom is a massive part of any globally-followed sports tournament, and this year’s Euros was no exception. As an expected 650,000 international football fans descended on Germany, there was an obvious rush to grab their respective nations' kits and colors. However,...

Behind the scenes: Potter Clarkson’s IP Summer School

Behind the scenes: Potter Clarkson’s IP Summer School

Our Editor-in-Chief, Faye Waterford, had the unique opportunity to attend Potter Clarkson’s residential IP Summer School, an exclusive event that took place on June 25-26 at the University of Nottingham. After a very warm welcome and humorous icebreaker conducted by...

Echoes of ethics: protecting voices and likeness in the era of AI

Ian DiBernardo, Partner and Chair of the Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Group at Brown Rudnick, evaluates the infringement of voice and likeness in AI-generated works by reflecting on the recent case between Scarlett Johansson and OpenAI and the Lovo case.

An interview with Danny Marti, Head of Public Affairs and Global Policy at Tencent

Danny sits down with The Trademark Lawyer to discuss his extensive experience in the IP field, Tencent’s core values and their continued commitment to the protection of IP, and advice for the protection of IP in the dynamic and creative industries of entertainment and gaming.

UKIPO: 3-year strategy 2024-2027: IP for an Innovative and Creative UK

The Trademark Lawyer sat down exclusively with Steph Dales, interim Strategy Director at the UKIPO, to discuss the IPO’s refreshed strategy that sets out to assist with the growth of the UK economy

New barriers you may encounter in trademark assignment in China

Jiuyang ZHOU of Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. details the changes to trademark assignment that are impacting the registrability of trademarks in China’s first-to-file system in the fight against bad-faith filings.

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality

Featuring: Laetitia d’Hanens, Partner at Gusmão & Labrunie

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality

Featuring: Aurélia Marie, Of Counsel at Beau de Loménie

Rankings: Asia

10 of the best law firms from each of the top Asian jurisdictions, including China, India, and Japan.

Jurisdictional Briefing, US: exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on your everyday trademark practice before the USPTO

Michelle Ciotola and David Kincaid of Cantor Colburn discuss considerations of using artificial intelligence-based tools when practicing before the USPTO.

Are we ready for round 2?

Stuart Fuller, Chief Commercial Officer of Com Laude, presents the general attitudes towards the upcoming ICANN registration window for dotBrand domains which will open in 2026, offering advice for interested brands to consider.

Decoding the new copyright guidelines for AI-generated content: ensuring human authorship and navigating risks

Andy Pham, General Counsel, and Joseph T. Miotke, Partner & IP Litigation Group Co-Chair at Dewitt LLP, evaluate the available protection for content produced by, or with assistance from, AI under the newly issued Copyright Registration Guidance.

The Trademark Lawyer Annual 2023

UK Intellectual Property Office welcomes new IP Minister

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) welcomes the announcement that Feryal Clark MP has been appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology, with responsibility for IP. The IPO’s CEO, Adam Williams,...

Buchalter welcomes IP shareholder in San Francisco

Buchalter is pleased to announce that Robert Becker has joined the firm as a Shareholder in its San Francisco office as a member of the Intellectual Property practice group. “We are thrilled to welcome Rob to Buchalter,” said Adam Bass, President and Chief Executive...

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Women in IP Leadership

A segment dedicated to women working in the IP industry, providing a platform to share real accounts from rising women around the globe. In these interviews we will be discussing experiences, celebrating milestones and achievements, and putting forward ideas for advancing equity and diversity.

By providing a platform to share personal experiences we aim to continue the empowerment of women in the world of IP.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Series

In this six-part series Dr. Suzanne Wertheim, of Worthwhile Research & Consulting, talks to The Trademark Lawyer about diversity, equity, and inclusion: what it means; the current challenges; DEI in law; gender bias; and what we can all do to improve.

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