Anaqua Receives Annual ESG Award from Astorg

Anaqua Receives Annual ESG Award from Astorg

Leading IP management software firm recognized for achievements  in gender diversity, ethics, and sustainability  Anaqua, the leading innovation and intellectual property management technology provider, has been recognized for its achievements in Environmental, Social...

Puma fails to stop Nike from attaining registration for FOOTWARE

Yvette Spring, Managing Attorney CTMA of Stratagem IPM reports The smart shoe is back! Sorry … what is a smart shoe? While following the Puma v Nike dispute over the trade mark FOOTWARE, we discovered that smart shoes have actually been around for a while. In fact,...

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Anaqua Receives Annual ESG Award from Astorg

Leading IP management software firm recognized for achievements  in gender diversity, ethics, and sustainability  Anaqua, the leading innovation and intellectual property management technology provider, has been recognized for its achievements in Environmental, Social...

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Britannia Industries Ltd V ITC Ltd & Ors

FMCG brands ITC Limited and Britannia Industries Limited recently called off their year long legal battle. The Delhi High Court was brought forth that ITC Limited have modified their packaging of the products “SUNFEAST FARMLITE 5-SEED DIGESTIVE” and ‘SUNFEAST FARMLITE...

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A can opening cannot be a sound mark, European court rules

Maria Koval, Head of IP, IT and Data protection practices at PwC Legal Ukraine The sound of an opening drinks cannot be protected as a trademark according to the European Court. We all know the examples of sound trademarks, for instance, the MGM lion roar, or Netflix...

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Back to reality: this year’s MARQUES Annual Conference

MARQUES Chair Joachim Hofmann introduces the 35th MARQUES Annual Conference, which will be held in a unique hybrid format in September this year. This year’s MARQUES Annual Conference is taking place as a hybrid event in September 2021, meaning it will be the first...

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Veteran IP litigator Milton Springut Joins Moses & Singer

Moses & Singer LLP is pleased to announce the arrival of Milton Springut as a partner in its Intellectual Property practice. His longtime colleague Caroline Boehm also joins as special counsel. Springut brings more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of IP...

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Sky v SkyKick – bad faith and the final judgment?

Mark Nichols, trademark solicitor at European IP law firm, Potter Clarkson, reviews the implications for brand owners arising from the latest ruling in the long-running Sky v SkyKick trademark infringement case. Back in 2018, the High Court handed down its first...

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Oatly’s loss is victory for small producers

Oatly had claimed that the farm’s product, PureOaty, was too similar to its own, in both name and packaging design. In its defence, Glebe Farm Foods argued that the brand name of its oat milk product and its packaging design featured generic terms and imagery, and...

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A Champagne update: Much Ado about Nothing

On July 2, 2021, President Putin signed a law 345-Ф3 “On Making Amendments to the Federal Law On State Regulation of Production and Circulation of Ethyl Alcohol, Alcoholic Products and on Curbing Consumption (Drinking) of Alcoholic Products”. This law changes the...

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Trademark enforcement outside the courtroom: four underrated tools your clients may be overlooking

Michelle Ciotola and Ali Caless of Cantor Colburn LLP, explain how the United States Customs and Border Protection, trademark watch services, online infringement and modern trademark clearance can be utilized to amplify the strength of a brand and protect against infringement.

An interview with Luna Bianchi: Trademark Attorney & In-house IP Manager

Luna Bianchi talks with The Trademark Lawyer about her experiences in the IP industry.

Are trademarks in the upcoming clothing industry challenging the public’s view of morality and gender?

Claire Zhao, Partner at Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd., analyzes the issues conveying morality, vulgarity, and derogatory views of femininity in fashion trademarks.

Registrability in Russia: alikeness as trademark and industrial design

Olga Plyasunova, Partner at Zuykov and Partners, discuss the different viewpoints in favor of simultaneous registration of an object as a trademark and industrial design in Russia in order to ensure cross-legal protection.

Examining whether Publicity Rights are available posthumously

Manisha Singh and Ritika Agarwal, of LexOrbis, examine whether publicity rights are available posthumously and evaluate the rights referring to public vulnerability and public identity in light of the recent death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Women in IP Leadership

Aileen Buchanan: VP of Client Success, Anaqua

Women in IP Leadership

Gifty Gakpetor: Owner and Director, IPTogether

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Is Mauritius the right choice for holding intellectual property rights?

Vera Albino, Legal Manager at Inventa International, discusses how intangible and tangible assets are now varying in worth and the possible success offered by establishing an IP holding in a tax-friendly country.

‘The best in the world!’ - Comparative advertising and the significance of being fair

Ranjan Narula and Daleep Kumar, of RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys, examine the India Courts approach to competitive advertising, taking puffery and insinuation into consideration.

The New Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property in Mexico – a relevant change in the trademark application prosecution procedure

Carlos Reyes, Senior Attorney at OLIVARES, introduces the new trademark application process that came into force in November 2020, comparing the functionality to the previous, overcomplicated system.

Escape rooms: legal problems you may not be able to flee from

José María Mora, IP Lawyer at H&A, gives key information for avoiding IP infringement lawsuits from the get-go when starting a new business.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion with Suzanne Wertheim. Chapter 2: challenges and overcoming

In this six-part series Dr. Suzanne Wertheim, of Worthwhile Research & Consulting, talks to The Trademark Lawyer about diversity, equity, and inclusion: what it means; the current challenges; DEI in law; gender bias; and what we can all do to improve.

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