Mexico – IP laws have changed, what happens next?

Diego G. Rossi, Gilberto Martínez, and Ana L. Vargas Ramirez
from IBERBRAND® outline the changes that are currently
taking place in Mexico in light of the recent intellectual
property amendments that have taken place in the country.

Cannabis and trademarks in Canada: Yes, it’s here…

Suzanne Antal and Micheline Dessureault of Joli-Coeur Lacasse
discuss the application and process of getting trademarks for
cannabis after it’s recent legalization in Canada.

General aspects of trademark protection in Brazil

Patrícia Lusoli and Carla Tiedemann of Luiz Leonardos discuss
the general legislation and rules for trademark protection in

Safeguarding innovation: Managing trademark clutter in a busy IoT world

Jayne Durden, Senior Vice-President at CPA Global, talks
growing demand for trademarks and how to manage it in an
increasingly digital market.

IP Trend Monitor: The impact of digitalization on the management of IP

A joint effort of the Dennemeyer Group and CTC Legal Media, the first “IP Trend Monitor” study is focused on the impact of
digitalization on the management of IP.

Rule requiring U.S. attorneys to represent foreign applicants in U.S. trademark applications

Eric R. Moran, Partner with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert &
Berghoff LLP, outlines why the USPTO’s proposed rule will
change application processes for foreign applicants.

Interpretation of the newly issued Chinese E-commerce Law

Ray Zhao, partner and director of the international trademark
department of Unitalen, interprets how e-commerce is likely
to be affected after China’s new law.

China is set to take the trademark lead

Rob Davey, Senior Director of Managed Solutions & Global
Markets at Clarivate Analytics’ CompuMark, examines the
trademark climate in China by breaking down the application
and filing data within the country.

A discussion on causes of trademark speculation and its countermeasures

Zio Zhihao DENG, Partner of Jiaquan IP Law, highlights the
pressure trademark speculators are creating in the Chinese
trademark industry and offers suggestions on how to amend it.

How to apply for Well-Known Trademark Recognition in China

Maggie Yang, Attorney at Law and Partner of Corner Stone &
Partners, walks through the procedure of how to apply for
Well-Known Trademark Recognition in China.

Italy: First EU-wide injunction against design infringement

Francesco Bonini, Vice-President of Studio Bonini, breaks down
the first ever European Injunction against a counterfeiter for
infringing a Registered Community Design and a non-registered
Community Design.

IKEA – a trademark you love or hate (with a smile)

Petter Rindforth, Managing Partner at Fenix Legal, examines
IKEA’s continuing success as a trademark.

Rationalising the costs of IP management

Elena Galletti from Brandstock demonstrates how savings can
be maximized and costs cut when dealing with IP management.

Res judicata – what trademark applicants must be aware of

Nicoleta Anghelescu, Managing Partner at Cabinet Enpora IP,
explains res judicata and what it means for future trademark

Aruba: The best kept secret in the IP world?

Luz Marina Gonzalez of The Century Group discusses the
history of IP legislation in Aruba.

Popstar Rihanna sues dad over Fenty trademark

Rihanna has sued her father for suggesting that a business venture he set up in 2017 is associated with her Fenty brand. The international popstar - real name Robyn Rihanna Fenty- filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles federal court on Tuesday accusing father Ronald Fenty...

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McDonald’s loses EU trademark for Big Mac

McDonald’s has lost its European trademark rights for its Big Mac burger after a legal battle with Irish chain Supermac’s ended last week. Supermac’s brought a case against McDonald's to the EU Intellectual Property Office two years ago, accusing the fast-food chain...

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