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Burberry triumphs over Baneburry in trademark infringement case

Burberry triumphs over Baneburry in trademark infringement case

Burberry has triumphed over Baneburry in a trademark infringement and unfair competition case after the Jiangsu Provincial High People’s Court ruled in its favor. Xinboli Trading Shanghai (Xinboli), trading as Baneburry, was ordered to cease use of the infringing...

Dubai Annual Meeting to move from 2026 to 2029

Dubai Annual Meeting to move from 2026 to 2029

New York, New York—June 11, 2024—The International Trademark Association (INTA) has decided to reschedule the Annual Meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), originally scheduled for 2026, to 2029. Choosing a host city for an event of the size and scope of the...

Café fined for unauthorized use of STARBUCKS trademark

Café fined for unauthorized use of STARBUCKS trademark

A Lahore-based café has been fined PKRs 6 million for the fraudulent and unauthorized use of the STARBUCKS trademark, by the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP). STARBUCKS, a well-known trademark and a globally recognized chain of coffeehouses registered in the...

An interview with Sergio Barragan, Senior Legal Director, Trademark Counsel LatAm, PepsiCo

Sergio sits down with The Trademark Lawyer to discuss brand and trademark strategy, the importance of fostering friendships with outside counsel and business partners, and provides valuable advice for IP professionals looking to progress in their careers.

The staying power of trademarks

Nick Guinn, Shareholder at Gunn, Lee & Cave, considers the effect of trademark registration on a business’ success beyond the mere legalities of trademark protection.

The role of trademark strategy in business profit and brand success

Jing XIE and Jane LI of China PAT Intellectual Property Office strike a balance between the practicalities of trademark registration and the art of brand storytelling in China for overall business success.

Kicking around the post-sale confusion doctrine in English and US courts

Leigh Smith and H. Straat Tenney of Locke Lord provide a comparative analysis of the handling of pre- and post-sale confusion of trademarked goods by jurisdiction to draw interesting conclusions for corporations to consider when developing their branding.

Classification of app products in trademark infringement cases

Tianyuan Zhang, Trademark Attorney at Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd., examines recent infringement cases to determine best practices for registering and protecting app products in the Chinese market.

The latest updates to geographical indications in the UK

Cherry Shin, Senior Trademark Attorney at HGF, provides an overview of GIs and their variations under UK law to provide helpful comparative advice for the protection of jurisdictionally relevant IP.

IP Trend Monitor: IP FRONTIERS. Navigating innovation in eight key industries

The latest IP Trend Monitor study gathers the opinions of IP specialists to identify far-reaching research and legal trends in eight critical industries.

Enforcing rights in composite marks

Ranjan Narula and Shivangi Kohli of RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys evaluate the procedure for enforcing rights against a deceptively similar mark that uses components of other well-known marks in an attempt to capitalize on existing reputations.

If you think you are insured against trademark and copyright infringement claims, look again

Susan J. Lutzker, Senior Partner at Lutzker & Lutzker LLP, explains the intricacies of business liability policies and insurances concerning claims for IP infringement to provide key advice for protecting your portfolio.

The ultimate brand protection play

Stuart Fuller, Chief Commercial Officer at Com Laude, builds a case for the importance of dotBrand domains, expressing the undeniable value of trust between participating brands and their consumers.

The Canadian trademark ecosystem: what to consider for 2024

Micheline Dessureault, Caroline Guy, and Simone Ndiaye of Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur LLP provide their annual update with advice for navigating the Canadian trademark system for our INTA special edition.

Protecting unregistered overseas brands in China

Li Xiaohong and Tian Yu of ZY Partners examine the application of overseas prior use for the protection of high fame trademarks unregistered in China in the face of first-to-file bad faith registrations.

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality

Featuring: Janice Bereskin, Partner at Bereskin & Parr LLP

Sponsored by: Clarivate

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality

Featuring: Donna Short, IP Partner and Head of the Trademark Practice at Addisons

Sponsored by: Clarivate

Jurisdictional briefing, Russia: 2024: 30th anniversary of the Eurasian Patent Office

Dr. Tatiana Vakhnina and Dr. Alexey Vakhnin of Vakhnina and Partners celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the EAPO by detailing the much-anticipated developments of the Eurasian Trademark.

Jurisdictional Briefing, US: specimen requirements of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Nancy Kennedy and Farzad Panjshiri of Cantor Colburn detail the requirements for goods and services alongside the rules for submitting specimens at the USPTO to protect trademarks and service marks.

The landscape of IP rights in Russia amidst geopolitical tensions

Riikka Palmos, European Trademark Attorney at Papula-Nevinpat, provides an update on the IP landscape for foreign filers in Russia, drawing on recent case decisions to answer important questions.

The Olympic Games and the Protection of Intellectual Property

Vanessa Rondeau, Associate at Uhthoff, explains the principles of ambush marketing in advance of the 2024 Olympic Games to provide guidance on what to look for to protect and profit from relevant IP.

Current trends and practices for anti-counterfeiting in e-commerce in Russia

Anton Bankovsky, Counsel at Gorodissky & Partners, evaluates the current approaches to tackling IPR infringement through online sales across the Internet and marketplace platforms.


Carolina Vera Martiz of VERA ABOGADOS ASOCIADOS details the reasons behind and the benefits of PROCOLOMIA’s recent development and promotion of their country’s brand.

Registration features of collective trademarks

Maria Dvornikova, Russian Trademark Attorney at Zuykov and partners, details the intricacies of the infrequently used collective trademark to express their valuable benefits.

Shine bright in Antwerp at the ECTA 42nd Annual Conference

Carina Gommers, ECTA First Vice-President responsible for the ECTA academic program, provides a glimpse behind the curtain for the upcoming conference that is set to inform and inspire attendees.

Crucial strategies for trademarks in Russia: navigating use-related issues

Anna Bobkina, Trademark Attorney at PATENTICA, discusses the adapted approach to trademark protection in Russia given the recent changes in the market with foreign brands suspending activity, rebranding, or facing challenges from Russian competitors.

Promoting business through trademark security in Brazil

Renata Roha of Vaz e Dias Advogados & Associados provides advice on the novelties of trademark security in Brazil to guide best practices for business success.

IP and the metaverse: a new world in focus

Rania Vrondou and Socratis Socratous of Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC (member of the Deloitte Legal network in Cyprus) evaluate the possible implications the metaverse may have on the protection of intellectual property.

Back to the Future revisited – NBCUniversal and DeLorean Motor Company settle case involving DeLorean trademark claims

Maya L. Tarr, Principal and Founder of Carob Law, P.C., summarizes the recent dispute over the rights of the DeLorean-related trademarks and the infamous Time Machine Car after the transfer of rights for the DeLorean Motor Company raised questions over granted rights.

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