USPTO implements expedited office action response deadlines

USPTO implements expedited office action response deadlines

As the end of 2022 approaches, important changes are coming to the trademark prosecution process before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Trademark practitioners and applicants must be aware of the new deadline, effective December 3, 2022, and...

A generation of counterfeit consumers: an interview with the EUIPO

The Trademark Lawyer sits down with Julio Laporta, Head of Communication and Spokesperson at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), to discuss the findings of the latest survey that showed that one in two young Europeans have purchased counterfeits in the last year.

Is the Supreme Court ready to destroy the art world?

Alain Villeneuve, Partner at Duane Morris, examines “transformative v. derivative” aspects of copyright law that may be about to riddle the works of the US’s most famous artist with license-violations.

Liability for trademark infringement involving artificial intelligence

Gabriele Engels, Counsel at DLA Piper, questions infringement liability for AI processes, such as grocery delivery item replacement.

The evolution of “Bad Faith” concept in China

Mr. Yimeng LU, Trademark Attorney at Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd., reviews the updates to Article 4 of the Chinese Trademark Law that enforced the regulation of “bad faith” trademark applications.

The new Trademark Law of the United Arab Emirates

Yasir Masood of Dennemeyer reviews the most notable legislative changes and what they mean for rights holders in the UAE.

The branding conundrum in the pharmaceutical industry

Ranjan Narula and Mohandas Konnanath of RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys offer guidance via comparison of past cases for brand naming in pharma which is often complicated by the usual method of naming based on either the ailment or the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.

Is your trademark aligned for Only One Earth?

Petter Rindforth, Managing Partner at Fenix Legal, evaluates Sweden’s efforts for producing environmentally friendly brands and how these brands are received by consumers.

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality.


Nidia Osorio, Founder and Managing Partner of Nidia Osorio & Co.

Rankings: Europe & The UK

10 of the best law firms from each of the top European jurisdictions, including Germany, Poland and the UK.

Jurisdictional Briefing, Spain: trademarks and Designations of Origin

Sonsoles Baylina Santori, Head of the International Trademarks Department at H&A, offers a legal and economic perspective on the wine sector relating to the value of PDOs.

Can non-tangible assets infringe tangible assets?

Dr Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak, Partner at Traple Konarski Podrecki and Partners, reviews the StockX v Nike case to see if the repeated sale of a nontangible asset that represents a tangible asset is infringing or not.

How bad is too bad? European trademarks and force majeure

Lucia Granieri and Massimo Cimoli of De Simone & Partners, part of Dennemeyer & Associates, evaluate the EUIPO’s decisions relating to non-use cancellation based on unforeseen circumstances.

Forms of consent for trademark use according to court evaluation

Sergey Zuykov, Managing Partner at Zuykov and partners, discusses the various approaches of the courts to the forms of consent beyond licensing agreements granted by trademark owners for use of their means of individualization.

CNIPA tightly regulates malicious trademark applications

Mr. Zhenkun Fu, Senior Partner at Corner Stone & Partners, details the new regulations surrounding malicious trademark applications in Chinese Trademark Law that will aid in the protection of genuine trademarks.

Dominican Republic: anti-counterfeiting measures available to trademark owners

Wendy Diaz of WDA International Law Firm provides insights about the current legislation ruling the anti-counterfeiting actions available to trademark owners in this jurisdiction.

INTA Elects Jomarie Fredericks as 2023 President

The International Trademark Association (INTA) is pleased to announce the election of Jomarie Fredericks as the 2023 President of the Association and the Chair of its Board of Directors. Ms. Fredericks is Deputy General Counsel, Chief Intellectual Property and Brand...

Perkins Coie congratulates 22 new Partners

Perkins Coie is pleased to announce that 22 counsel have been promoted to partner effective January 1, 2023. The firm’s new partner class of 2023 includes the following intellectual property attorneys: Lindsay B. Allen (Washington, D.C.) is a member of the Trademark,...

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Women in IP Leadership

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Series

In this six-part series Dr. Suzanne Wertheim, of Worthwhile Research & Consulting, talks to The Trademark Lawyer about diversity, equity, and inclusion: what it means; the current challenges; DEI in law; gender bias; and what we can all do to improve.

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