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Uber & Waymo reach settlement

It was approximately one year ago that Waymo filed a trade secret lawsuit against Uber. This week, less than a week into the long-awaited trial, the two companies have reached a settlement. The settlement will have Uber give Waymo 0.34% of equity in the company (worth...

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Scammer caught in Leason Ellis case

IP boutique adds another victory in its fight against deceptive trademark practices by securing a settlement against company that charged consumers hundreds of dollars for publication in so-called “database” of registered trademarks Leason Ellis LLP, an intellectual...

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Samsung could be making smart glasses, trademark suggests

We've heard a lot about Smart Glasses in recent years, with Google creating the first prototype in 2013. Although the project never quite took off the way Google hoped, other companies decided to try their hand at it. It's now possible that consumer-oriented smart...

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Kanye West applies for Red October trademark, again

Kanye West is, once again, hoping to gain the exclusive rights to his original Nike Air Yeezy 1 'Red October' trainers. The trainers are officially four years old and the megastar wants to prevent others from using the name without permission and to begin selling...

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Bacardi’s trademark denied in the UK

On the 31st March 2015, Bacardi applied to register the trademark 'Angels Envy' at the EUIPO after acquiring the brand that year. In April 2017 this was converted to a UK trademark and life seemed simple for the global spirit company. However, this led to three years...

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Lululemon Athletica takes on hundreds of infringing sites

Lululemon Athletica - founded in 1998 - is suing an array of websites that are selling knock-off yoga pants and infringing on the trademark of the well-established brand. The lawsuit, filed on Monday in a Chicago Federal Court, claims hundreds of websites are...

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