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Harley-Davidson wins biggest trademark case ever

Harley-Davidson has been renowned for aggressively protecting its intellectual property rights. In its most recent case against, an online print-on-demand outlet that makes custom clothes, mugs, etc., Harley-Davidson has won its largest ever infringement...

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KitKat ‘not distinctive’ EU top court opines

After a decision by an EU General Court in December 2016 stating that Nestlé’s four-fingered Kit-Kat was not distinctive enough to be trademarked, this week an adviser to the EU’s top court has suggested that a ruling which called into doubt s trademark protection for...

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Guess and Gucci end nine-year battle

The legal battle over the Guess logo and diamond pattern with high-end brand Gucci has finally reached a settlement agreement "which will result in the conclusion of all pending IP litigations and trademark office matters worldwide.” The battle began nine years ago...

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Deli High Court prevents firms infringing Patanjali TM

A restraint has been issued by the Deli High Court against four firms from using the mark Patanjali. The firms (and trust) can no longer manufacture, sell or advertise any goods or services bearing the mark or word Patanjali', the registered trademark of yoga guru...

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EUIPO issues new important judgment

The European Office for Intellectual Property responsible for managing the EU trade mark and the registered Community design, further confirmed the validity of the registered three-dimensional trademarks, to protect the distinctive features of its iconic Bottega Gold...

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The Weeknd sues realtor over Starboy TM

The Weeknd has hit back in the worldwide charts with My Dear Melancholy, the surprise six-song EP he released on Friday. The R&B star's elation of the album may be short lived, as reports have surfaces that a legal battle has begun with the rapper against realtor...

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Women Lawyers Significantly Better, Study Finds

One of the most hotly contested debates of recent years has been fixated on the existence of a pay gap between women and men. Numerous studies have proven that this disparity is present (with variations) across all industries and professions, with women earning...

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