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Ferrari are being sued by Steve McQueen’s family

Luxury car brand Ferrari are being sued by the family of Steve McQueen - 'the King of Cool' - for making products around the image of the iconic actor. The family claim they should be compensated for the company using his image and profiting off his name. The lawsuit...

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41% UK increase in spirits trademarks

It has been widely reported that the number of trademarks for beer and cider has been on a steady increase in recent years and now City law firm RPC has revealed that the same pattern is taking place with spirits and liqueurs in the UK. According to the...

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Kim Kardashian sued over new perfume line

Arguably the most famous reality TV star in the world, Kim Kardashian is certainly not exempt from the law when it comes to trademarking her business empire. The latest lawsuit related to the star comes after the launch of her perfume line. Legal documents show that a...

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Nike lose trademark battle with premium activewear brand LNDR

Premium activewear brand, LNDR (pronounced L-N-D-R), represented by Osborne Clarke, has won an IP dispute against global sportswear giant, Nike. The case was over Nike’s use of ‘LDNR’ in a recent advertising campaign. Nike’s “Nothing Beats a Londoner” advertising...

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KitKat’s appeal dismissed in four-finger battle

Nestle has lost an appeal in Europe over their attempts to trademark the four finger KitKat shape. Judges at the EU Court of Justice dismissed their latest attempt to trademark the shape of their bar, leaving the chocolate bar at risk of being copied by competitors....

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The producers of “City of Lies” begin TM infringement battle

The producers of “City of Lies,” Johnny Depp’s upcoming film about the murder investigations surrounding Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., have filed suit against another film company, saying that the similar names between the companies are causing confusion in...

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UKIPO Trends 1995-2017

The UK government has today released a report on trends at the UKIPO between 1995-2017 (please see here). A few key points to take from the report: Patent applications made directly to the UK IPO have seen a gentle decline in recent years, applications filed at the...

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by Rachel Pasher EIjkenaar, adv. , Isaac Mazliach Attorneys MINISO v. MAX STOCK File  number: Tel Aviv 58062-04-18 Guangdong Saiman Lnvestment Co. Ltd v. Max Management Israel Ltd. and   others: Court and Judge: District Court of Tel-Aviv// The honorable Noa...

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How IP Counsel can make the most of their organization’s IP

An interview with Raymond Millien, Vice President & Chief Intellectual Property Counsel of Volvo Car Corporation.     To successfully monetize IP, you have to look back to what you filed in previous years. Those are the assets that are readily available to monetize,”...

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Brexit White Paper – response from CITMA

The UK government has released its long-awaited white paper mapping its Brexit plans. Despite the UK having ratified the UPC, Brexit has put the UK’s future membership into question – the white paper appears to show that the government intends for the UK to remain...

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