From TikTok to Comirnaty – Software, media, fintech and finance; luxury, fashion, sports; and pharmaceutical brands comprise nearly half the list with 15 brands each, Clarivate Top 100 New Brands Report reveals

Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, has released the first ever Top 100 New Brands report. The report draws on data from more than 20 million new trademark applications worldwide to identify new brands which have surged into the public sphere in the last two years. These Top 100 New Brands – likely powerful brands of their sectors in the future – have demonstrated the greatest diligence in protecting and expanding their brand footprint. The report’s analysis highlights the industries that are hotbeds of brand activity and illuminates the new forms that new brands can take in the rapidly shifting global brand landscape.

robert readingEurope and the United States have long been the epicenter of global brand creation and activity thanks to their large consumer markets, and this is reflected in the Top 100 New Brands 2022 list. Europe is home to 50 listed brands and the United States home to 21. Brands from Mainland China comprise 23 of the Top 100 list, marking a major step in the evolution of global brand strategy from Mainland Chinese businesses, according to the report.

Robert Reading, Head of Content Strategy, Clarivate said, “Top 100 New Brands 2022 from Clarivate spotlights the uncharted territory of the new brands space. Drawing on our unique and industry-leading collection of intellectual property content, we calibrate a new brands ‘brandscape’ for the very first time – a fascinating mix of brand-new brands, and those arising from corporate mergers, re-branding and brand line extensions.”


Other key findings in the report include:

  • COVID-19 vaccine makers feature prominently in the Top 100 New Brands 2022 list, including BioNTech’s COMIRNATY; six out of the 15 pharmaceutical brands on the list are COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Some notable brand owners have multiple Top 100 New Brands on the list: Technology company Apple owns six: APPLE AIRTAG, APP CLIP, APPLE FITNESS+, APPLE ONE, APPLE WATCH STUDIO and ICLOUD+; and French sports brand Decathlon has four: CORENGTH, KIMJALY, KUPIMA, and TAMAHOO. COVID vaccine manufacturers BioNTech and Novavax both have multiple entries on the list.
  • Entertainment and technology brands feature strongly on the list: from video game playing franchise Medabots, LELLOBEE, an edutainment series for children, and Nordic streaming service VIAPLAY, to social media phenomenon TikTok.
  • Two electric car brands (RIVIAN and MERCEDES-EQ) and a blockchain-based solution appear in the Top 100 New Brands 2022.
  • Acronyms and concepts make their mark on the list, including YNWA, an acronym for Liverpool Football Club’s catchphrase and anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, as well as WATCH ART, which embodies the artistic craft of mechanical watchmaking, from luxury Swiss watch brand, Patek Philippe.

Reading concluded, “In today’s fast-changing world, the pace of new brand creation continues to accelerate, and the commercial space becomes ever more crowded and global. By calibrating the new brands landscape, we deliver valuable new knowledge that will empower brand creators to develop and grow successful new brands, with confidence and at speed. At Clarivate, we are committed to helping brand owners create, expand and protect strong brands in the digital era. By offering essential solutions across the IP lifecycle, including access to critical insights and asset management capabilities to brand creators, we help their new brands scale new heights and realize their full potential.”


Top 100 New Brands uses content resources across Clarivate, including Clarivate Trademark Strength IndexTM, CompuMarkTM trademark research and protection, and MarkMonitorTM domain management. Clarivate experts analyzed over 20 million new applications filed worldwide between 2020 and 2021 with a verbal (word) element and evaluated each application and checked for owner details, and applied a score to each brand based on key metrics from the Clarivate Trademark Strength IndexTM:

  • Market footprint – range of products and services covered by the brand, including a measure of how dominant the brand is within each relevant category1
  • Geographic/economic coverage – the number of countries/registers where protection has been sought, weighted for country GDP
  • Online presence – how many top level and country level domains have been registered to protect the brand.

1 Market footprint metric assesses a brand’s commercial breadth of trademark coverage by measuring the scope of its coverage across relevant and distinct trademark classification areas (Nice Classes) as well as the share of activity within them

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