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Legal Core Group

Address: 800 Av. Corrientes, 20th floor, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone: (+54 9)11 2403 9641

LEGAL CORE GROUP ™️ is an Intellectual Property & Privacy Law Firm based in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are lawyers and Industrial Property Agents specialized in the registration and protection of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights and trade secrets, as well as advising on privacy and personal data protection.

We are a modern firm, committed to constantly updating our knowledge and innovating our practice to address the challenges our clients face. At LEGAL CORE GROUP™️ we focus on establishing direct and effective communications with our clients to understand their concerns and expectations.

Our diverse client portfolio includes start ups and SMEs from different industries (entertainment, video-games, fintechs, foods, education, chemical, fashion, agriculture, etc.), as well as individuals (i.e. software developers, artists, writers, etc.) on the protection of their intellectual property rights. We strive to provide the clearest and most accurate solutions and answers possible.

At LEGAL CORE GROUP™️ we also offer services in the rest of LatAm through our collaborative network of legal colleagues and have extensive experience assisting international clients regarding the protection of their intellectual property rights in the region.

The professionals at LEGAL CORE GROUP™️ have studied at prestigious universities both in Buenos Aires and abroad and previously worked for several years in top-tier local and foreign firms. This has given us valuable experience in resolving complex cases and understanding various legal systems.

Furthermore, those of us who are part of the LEGAL CORE GROUP™️ also contribute to the academic area, teaching classes in university courses or presenting in workshops and conferences in our areas of practice.

As dedicated professionals, the partners at LEGAL CORE GROUP™️ are members of the Argentine Association of Industrial Property Agents (AAAPI) and the Buenos Aires Bar Association (CPACF) and our commitment extends to providing Pro Bono legal advice services to NGOs.


Team Members

María Azul Alvarez


Natalia Belen Safran


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