Bharucha & Co

Address: F-7/1, Block 8,, K.D.A Scheme 5,, Kehkashan Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: +92 21 3537 9544

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Established in 1948, BHARUCHA & Co. stands as one of the oldest and most respected law firm in Pakistan. With a rich history of service, the firm has nurtured a varied clientele spanning across sectors such as trade, commerce, industry and government, extending its reach globally, particularly across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Far East. Serving as a reliable legal ally to entities worldwide, the firm has been highly ranked by various legal rating organizations.

Bharucha & Co has diversified its legal offerings to meet evolving client needs and covers a wide range of legal disciplines including intellectual property, family law, non-profit organization law, company law, real estate and property law and franchising and litigation.

Proficient across the entire spectrum of civil law, the firm adeptly navigates complex legal landscapes, offering expertise in drafting and filing civil proceedings, managing suits and appeals and resolving commercial disputes. The firm’s advocates bring extensive experience to every case, ensuring efficient and effective conflict resolution for clients.

In addition to its litigation capabilities, the firm provides comprehensive advisory services spanning various facets of civil law. The consultancy services of the firm encompass tasks ranging from drafting and vetting contracts to offering tailored advice on specific cases, serving a diverse clientele that includes both international and local entities from different industries and trade/services. With a commitment to delivering tailored legal solutions, the firm stands ready to address the unique needs of each client with precision and professionalism.


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