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Address: Podar Chambers, S A Brelvi Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India.
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R. K. Dewan & Co. has completed over 79 years of dedicated and excellent service in the IP field, one of the longest standing IP law firms in India with the highest reputation for quality, honesty, and expertise.

Representing over 5,000 corporate and individual clients worldwide reflecting top Indian companies, multinationals & Fortune 500 companies across a broad spectrum of industries & all technology sectors.

R. K. Dewan & Co.’s team comprises, retired joint registrar of Trademarks, many ex-Examiners from the Trade Marks Registry and Controllers from the IPO who are well-versed with best practices in order to assist clients more effectively to obtain their IP rights in a timely manner.

R. K. Dewan & Co. is the pioneer of trademark anti-counterfeiting activity in India. RKD has a network of diligent investigators and local lawyers across the country to unearth piracy and take timely & efficient action in any Court in India (including all 736 District Courts in the country):

R. K. Dewan & Co. files thousands of trademarks, designs and copyright applications every year, and has dealt with 3000+ applications, 300+ Madrid Refusals, and 1000+ trademark prosecution cases in the year 2020. Dr Dewan leads the R. K. Dewan & Co. team in consistently formulating and executing winning India-centric strategies for IP prosecution and litigation.

R. K. Dewan & Co.has a vast experience with trademark litigation all over the world and has handled matters in various jurisdictions including USA, Canada, Japan, South America, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Africa, Europe, Russia, China.

R. K. Dewan & Co.’s trademark practice is known for its excellence in all respects:

– We file and prosecute a large number of trademark applications every year (in the thousands) in India and internationally. Therefore, we are equipped to deal with very large volumes of applications correctly and effectively and in a streamlined, efficient manner. Our technical expertise and familiarity with foreign trademark laws because of decades of filling and prosecuting internationally for our domestic clients, ensures that we carry out the preparation work for prosecution (responses to examination reports, hearings) in-house and thereby reduce costs for our clients.

– At any given time, we have over 1000 active opposition matters and over 75 active trademark litigations ongoing and we have the bandwidth and a superlative infrastructure to attend to all those matters, achieving winning results for our clients.

– The firm is very strong in Trademark transactions, regularly assisting clients with M&As, valuation and securitization of trademark portfolios to raise funding, IP audits, assignments, licensing and franchising.

– Our strategy and advice helps clients make the right choices for their trademark portfolio in terms of brand value, market access, competition, cost-effectiveness, availability and use of marks, infringement & counterfeiting potential and much more.

– We basically provide the whole plethora of trademark activities right from selection of Trademark, journal watching to obtaining well-known status for our clients’ marks to litigation in various Courts of India to the assignment of million-dollar trademark portfolios/businesses all under one roof.

– We are highly responsive, innately creative in the formulation of innovative solutions for our clients and up to date with all aspects of trademark law and practice in the country.


Dr Mohan Dewan & Dr Niti Dewan are highly renowned and respected in IP circles in India & internationally. Dr Mohan Dewan has the rare distinction of being an expert in every area of IP (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, plant varieties – prosecution, litigation, strategy & transactions). Dr Niti Dewan is a registered Trademark Agent and advises clients on branding and strategy. INDIA-CENTRIC WINNING STRATEGIES: RKD is highly involved in IP litigation across India i.e. we have a pan-India presence when it comes to litigation. There are 736 District Courts in India and we are uniquely poised to file and defend suits in most of these Courts; and we carry out litigation in these District Courts, apart from the High Courts of New Delhi, Bombay (Mumbai), Kolkata & Madras (Chennai) and at the IPAB. Currently we are handling 100+ on-going litigation matters across India.

Other RKD services include (but are not limited to): Anti-Counterfeit | Agreement Drafting | Technology Transfer | IP Valuation | IP Audit | Prior art, Patentability & Freedom to Operate Searches | Technology Maps | IP Training & Education

RKD is highly sought after not just for its expertise in IP matters but also for its values of responsiveness, attention to detail, client-centric culture, and adaptability to changing IP landscapes, transparency and honesty in all of their dealings.

Other offices: ​Pune / Delhi / Chennai / Kolkata / Indore 

Liaison offices: China & US.


Team Members

Dr Mohan Dewan


Dr Niti Dewan

Head of Patents & Business Development

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