Address: Building 44 Truong Han Sieu St, Hoan Kiem Dist, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, Hanoi, Vietnam,
Phone: +84.24.39431566

T&T INVENMARK Vietnam International Intellectual Property Law Firm operates under the law of Vietnam, registered at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) for representative Industrial Property and Copyright.

Meeting the development needs in line with the opening of our country, T&T INVENMARK has continuously developed with a team of highly qualified Patent Attorneys, almost more than 15 years experience, as well as well-trained and experienced specialists in engineering, chemistry, biology, information technology and other technological fields.

T&T INVENMARK has committed to operating more efficiently, making constant efforts to protect and develop intellectual property rights, providing extensive legal services in all areas: Patent & Trademark Search; Patent, Trademark and Copyright attorney services: Filing Domestic & International applications of Intellectual Property including: Patents, Trademark, Industrial Design, GIs, Copyright; Filing applications of Intellectual Property in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries; International application and registration under the PCT; Intellectual Property Rights opposition and enforcement; Intellectual Property assessment; Request for oppositions and appeals; Enforcements – Unfair Competition, serving all clients’ demands much better. T&T INVENMARK cooperates with top experts to protect clients’ interests in proceedings involving commerce and intellectual property disputes; unfair competition, and protecting corporate brands.

T&T INVENMARK has a strong working relationship with the National Scientific Council, who are experienced and enthusiastic expert advisors, who can deliver professional services to customers in the legal protection of your Intellectual Property rights.

T&T INVENMARK is totally able to satisfy a wide range of clients’ demands, promoting the developments of intellectual property in Viet Nam.

With strong determination and drive, T&T INVENMARK has created a strong reputation and trust with an ever increasing number of domestic and foreign clients, which can only be achieved when T&T INVENMARK genuinely stands by clients and supports them in every possible way.

Team Members

Dr. Le Xuan Thao Ph.D. Lawyer

General Director

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