South America

Landivar & Landivar

Address: Av. Arce esq. Plaza Isabel La Católica N° 2519, Torres del Poeta Bldg., Torre B, 9th floor, Office 902. La Paz, Bolivia, South America.
Phone: +(591) 2-2430671

Landívar & Landívar is a pioneer firm in the field of Intellectual Property in Bolivia since 1961. Over the years, we have grown into a chain of Corporate Legal Services and Integral Counselling, with the objective of guiding national and international entrepreneurs and businessmen towards the success of their activities. Our good international reputation was earned through a very outstanding legal service in our area of specialization, in addition to an excellent professional team in every sense.

At Landívar & Landívar we adapt to the needs of today’s world under a firm commitment to ethics and innovative vision. That is why we are characterized by a service adapted to the requirements of our clients as well as to their business objectives.


Team Members

Martha Landívar Gantier


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