South America

Landivar and Landivar

Address: Av. Arce 2618, Columbia Bldg., 8th floor, Office 802. La Paz, Bolivia, South America,
Phone: -2431773

Established by Gaston Land¡var Iturricha in 1962, Land¡var and Land¡var is a pioneer firm in the field of Industrial Property in Bolivia. Our international reputation was gained through a competent and complete legal service in our area of specialization, and an excellent and professional team with no comparison in our country.

Land¡var and Land¡var has grown, adding new experts in different areas of Industrial Property, in order to give our clients a plus in each field of work.

Our offer has evolved into a Corporate Legal Services Chain in the Industrial Property area. This value added services are the core of our firm, always making the difference.

Land¡var and Land¡var maintains an exclusive portfolio of clients, which allow us to give a personalized service to each one of them. Furthermore, accessing our services is easier than ever. A dynamic and organized information system, gives our clients and prospects faster and effective responses with no extra costs, ensuring that the value of the services always exceeds the fees charged.


Martha LandivarName: Martha Landivar

Job Title: General Manager

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Name: George Cervantes

Job Title: Business Manager

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