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The expertise of VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS is best known for prosecuting patent, industrial design, trademarks and other industrial property rights before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) and at other foreign agencies. For that purpose, our attorneys draw strategies for clients to seek and obtain the needed protection in Brazil and overseas.

Further to that, the attorneys of VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS lead adequately litigation to prevent third parties from violating existing intellectual property rights and requesting the annulment of patent granted or registration at the Federal courts.

Licensing, technology transfer, franchising and other business arrangements for exploiting intangibles are part of our expertise and legal activities. Therefore, we assist clients in drafting commercial agreements, negotiating contractual clause and supporting clients to surpass adequately the limitations of the Brazilian laws on technology transfer and royalty remittances, such as recordation rules, taxation and foreign exchange control laws and other laws of public order

Our Patent and Industrial Design Work team is responsible for services that include protection of technological inventions, utility model, plant varieties, topography and industrial design involve searches on the viability of patent in relevant scientific fields (such as life science, petrochemical and mechanics) and the preparation of patent filing and leading/monitoring national and international filing of patents, utility model and industrial design. Therefore, the patent services are rendered in combination with professional with technical knowledge and attorneys at law.

Furthermore, our team is formed by highly qualified personnel, with over twenty years of experience and academic knowledge. Our team strives to always elaborate an adequate plan of action to obtain the registrations at the Brazilian Trademark Offices and other competent agencies.

The trademark team of our firm leads the filing of trademarks, domain names, highly well-known trademarks and the protection of business names and other distinctive signs. Therefore, we undertake trademark availability searches in the national and international markets aiming to assist the companies to adopt the best strategies for protection and reduce the risks in the violation of third parties’ rights. This same team renders consulting services in the copyright field, which involve the assessment of the need to register or not the artistic, scientific and literary work, as well as software in Brazil and in foreign jurisdictions.

We are able to lead also the administrative proceedings at the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and other foreign/international agencies (by using foreign associates) for the protection of trademarks and industrial design, including oppositions, appeals and administrative nullity.

Among the consulting, we dispose also monitoring services for the trademarks, domain names and industrial design with the objective to hamper conflicting trademark filing and those of opponents so that these trademarks do not mature into registration before the INPI.

Registration, control and cancellation of domain names at the “Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto br” and its corresponding protection overseas also are rendered by our services to the clients.

We also monitor marks and trade names at the existing Board of Trade in Brazil, assist the exploitation of commercial establishment by means of support and elaboration of assignment, among others.

The monitor and legal practice in the trademark field also involve the trade dress of products, the regulation of trade dress of pharmaceuticals, following the requirements of the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), and the comparative advertising, the practice of ambush marketing, among others.



Team Members

José Carlos Vaz e Dias

Attorney Managing Partner

Savana C. Castilho

Attorney Head of Trademark Department

Marina Castro

Head of Patent and Innovation Department

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