Address: San Pío X, Nº 2460, Suite 1101, Santiago, Chile,
Phone: 562 22312424

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JOHANSSON & LANGLOIS, is an Attorneys-at-Law firm founded on May 07, 1945. From the very beginning, the firm strongly focused on Intellectual Property, becoming one of the first firms established in Chile that specialized in the IP legal area.

We currently have correspondents in many countries around the world and we keep an important portfolio of national and international clients, to whom we provide a personalized and complete consultancy service in all legal and technical areas that relate to trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits, copyrights, vegetal varieties,   regulatory matters, data protection and new technologies, including related contentious and non-contentious matters.

The professional group of JOHANSSON & LANGLOIS is formed by attorneys specialized in IP and by engineers with different specialities, trained to give a dedicated service to our clients in all matters related to the prosecution, obtention and defence of patents.

For more than 70 years, we have kept a personalized service with our clients, relying on modern technology, clear working methods and the permanent training of our members, professionals as well as our staff. This has allowed us to have a legal and technical specialization, giving an integral and efficient service to our clients and foreign correspondents at a very competitive rate.

We also have an out-sourcing group of advisors, trained in different disciplines that deal with highly specialized technical matters, thus, giving us the possibility of offering a complete and professional service to our clients.


Team Members

Felipe Langlois

Partner- Patent Area

Max Montero

Partner – Trademark Area

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