IP CYPRUS – Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC

Address: 4 Prometheus Street, Nicosia, 1065, Cyprus.
Phone: +357 22 270638
Website: http://ipcyprus.com/

IP CYPRUS is a boutique law firm, based in Cyprus (EU) specialised in intellectual property and business law and we work with clients to develop all their rights at national and international level.

We offer a one-stop shop for any issue related to the registration, protection, licensing and maintenance of intellectual property rights, however our services are not limited to the usual assistance expected. Our aim is to help you realize the potential of your intellectual property assets and to maximize this potential.

As Cyprus is a well established business base for a number of international investors, our Team has the experience and can also provide efficient legal advice on any corporate law matters, including the incorporation of a company, the structure of the company and any legal issues which might arise between the shareholders or possible investors.

We make it our priority to assist our clients through every step to secure the protection of their rights both at national and international level. This is done with the least amount of hassle and anxiety as possible and where applicable with suggested solutions to any obstacles encountered.

We use the law as our toolkit to create certainty and resolve issues that could otherwise become a threat to any intellectual property transaction.

Our team is comprised of dedicated, experienced professionals, (members of the Nicosia and Cyprus Bar Association) who have decided to promote and encourage innovation and business rather than to simply follow standard procedure.


Team Members

Marinos Cleanthous


Maria Ioannides


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