Guzmán Ariza, Attorneys at Law

Address: 12 Pablo Casals, Serrallés, Santo Domingo 10125, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Phone: +1 809.255.0980

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Founded in 1927, Guzmán Ariza, Attorneys at Law are currently the largest law and consulting firm in the Dominican Republic with 8 partners, 12 business consultants and 50 lawyers, in addition to being the only one with eight strategically located offices throughout the country. This scope allows us to offer services in any part of the country, with immediate response and fast results.

We are client-oriented and offer a full range of services, through our multilingual team of experts.

Our practices have earned us a reputation in the local and international business community as a respected and trusted firm that produces results.

Guzmán Ariza has extensive experience in protecting local and international clients’ intellectual property rights in the Dominican Republic, including trademarks, trade names, copyrights, and patents.

With an experienced team in both commercial transactions and litigation, Guzmán Ariza’s attorneys have the ability to not only assist clients during the stage of registration of IP rights, but they can also advise clients on possible strategies for defending their exclusivity over IP rights, including litigation.

We also have experience working on licensing agreements, assignments and disposal of IP rights.

Our intellectual property team has worked with some of the most prestigious brands from all over the world in the industries of food and beverages, entertainment, pharmaceutical, beauty and cosmetics, tourism and hospitality, franchises, retailers, finance, fitness and health care, among others.

We advise and counsel our clients on:

Trademarks and tradenames

– Registration of marks (word mark, mixed mark, figurative marks, smells, sounds, 3D, color, among others).

– Monitoring of marks and brand portfolios.

– Renewal of Trademark Registrations.

– Assignment and Licensing.

– Portfolio Management.

– Defences against Official Objections or Third-Party oppositions and Cancellation process.

– Legal resources, administrative and judicial phase.

– Global registrations.


– Submission of patent registration applications: PCT, National, Global.

– Drafting of patents specifications.

– Patent Opposition: Pre-Grant, Post-Grant.

– Registration of contracts and licenses for the use of patents. – Payment of annuities or patent maintenance fees.

– Patent writing, preparation of descriptions, claims and drawings of patents.

– Prior art search and patent search and research and preparation of patentability, commercial viability and technological surveillance reports.

– Annuity maintenance and patent portfolio management.

– Presentation of legal actions in administrative and judicial phase to guarantee the rights of our clients and to pursue acts of unfair competition.

– Patent Litigation

Industrial Design

– Registration- Filing and Prosecution: National, Global.

– Search.

– Infringement Watch, Analysis & Reporting.

– Renewal, Maintenance and Portfolio Management.


– Sanitary Registration procedures.

– Sanitary records of medicines, foods, cosmetics, medical devices and hygiene products for the home.

– Renewal of health records.

– Representations before regulatory authorities in the Dominican Republic.

– Consultancies for obtaining pharmaceutical distributor licenses.


– Submission of requests for records of works protected by Copyright.

– Contract registration. License registration.

– Infringement & Piracy Prevention: Software and Apps, Film, Video, Music, Art.

– Presentation of legal remedies for copyright infringement.

– Copyright enforcement and defensive activities globally.

IP management and IP audit

– Portfolio Management & Maintenance.

– Due Diligence.

– IP Audits.

– IT Infrastructure, Software & Infringement Audits.

– Search, watch & vigilance Services.

– IP acquisitions (Portfolio).

– Technology transfer, licensing, assignments etc.

– Drafting of Agreements.


– IP disputes and Litigation.

– Infringement procedures.

– Counterfeiting border measures.

Other Services

– Trade secrets and trade secret protection.

– Purchase, sale, and licensing of IP rights.

– Advertising and Marketing IP rights.

– Manufacturing and distributions agreements.

– Franchising.

– Data Protection, Privacy and Security.

– Fintech technologies protection.

– E-Commerce.

– Intellectual Property and Technology

– Cybersecurity Incidents

Other offices: Santo Domingo, Bávaro – Punta Cana, Sosúa – Puerto Plata, La Romana, Casa de Campo, Las Terrenas, Samaná, Cabrera.


Team Members

Fabio Guzmán Saladín


Leandro Corral

Senior Counsel

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