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Address: Cairo Business Plaza, plot 424, Street 90 North, Unit 306, North Tower, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone: +201110609311
Website: http://www.nal-law.com/en

NAL LAW GROUP comprises a group of integrated services, all related to intellectual property law, practice and strategy, grouped under one vision, and an integrated mission. NAL LAW GROUP first emerged in 2012 with the establishment of NAL LAW FIRM specializing in Intellectual Property by Professor Nermien Al-Ali, after practising law in Egypt for seven years and lecturing in Franklin Pierce Law Centre (University of New Hampshire now) on managing intellectual property rights as business assets for four years. Franklin Pierce Law Centre was then the top law faculty in the world in intellectual property law and practice.

After completing her masters Nermien created the Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management (CICM) Model, published by John Wiley & Sons in New York in 2001. Nermien’s research and work focused on developing business models for managing intellectual capital through its lifetime starting with ideation and creation, to innovations and inventions, and culminating in acquisition of defendable/enforceable intellectual property rights. After being a partner in two major law firms in Egypt, she founded NAL LAW to offer what LEGAL500 described after a year and a half “a top tier IP law firm on their own” and calling Nermien the best IP Lawyer in Egypt in 2015 based on the testimony of multinational corporations.


Team Members

Nermien Al-Ali

Group Head

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