Address: Endurance House, Vision Park, Chivers Way, Cambridge, CB24 9ZR,
Phone: 44 1223 435240

Stobbs is a new kind of Intellectual Property (IP) agency. Formed only three year ago following a demerger from another firm, Stobbs has trebled in size and has a growing reputation, being ranked in the top tier by the Legal 500 and this years winner of the MIP award for UK Trade Mark Firm of the Year.
Stobbs is a brands only firm, practising trade mark law and advising on all aspects of brands. Many of our competitors see IP in black and white. An arena of ?yes? and ?no? or ?right? and ?wrong?. This is IP by the rule book.

At Stobbs we explore the possibilities and the potential. We consider the ?what ifs?; we deal in the ?might? and the ?may?. We thrive in the grey area.

There?s no mystery in our methods, no smoke and mirrors. Our approach is based on intellectual acumen, ceaseless energy and the ability to zig when others zag.

We?re straightforward and committed to clarity; some of our clients have described us as ?refreshingly down-to-earth? and ?free from legal mumbo jumbo?.

We talk in plain English and shun legal pretence. Indeed, you could say we?re all about de-intellectualising Intellectual Property.

It?s an approach we think is different. We call it ?Straight-Up IP?.

Bruce Alexander

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